4 Veggie Boxes at Bee Healthy Saturday–OR Reserve your own by December 3rd for Pick Up December 7th

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Thanks to those that picked up their Special Holiday Boxes today!  There are 4 Boxes still available this Saturday at Bee Healthy–The Bee closes at 3:00 p.m. $25 per box–

You can also reserve a box for next week by sending me an email (craftterri@rtconnect.net), texting (431-1219), or responding to this post!  Reserve by December 3rd for Pick Up at Bee Healthy on December 7th.  This is the last box for the year, but we will continue to stock these items at Bee Healthy until the end of the month.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL BOX CONTENTSShredded Cabbage (28 oz bag) of tender Kaitlin, suitable for sauerkraut, cabbage burgers, fried cabbage and Polish sausage, and slaws.  1# bag Brussels sprouts, 3# bag of Patriot potatoes (Red/White/Blue), Jumbo Yellow onion, 1# bag of Tri-color carrots (purples/orange/yellow), Daikon Radishes (Purple and White, milder than most radishes), 1# Sunchokes (AKA Jerusaleum Artichokes), and Winter Squash (Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash–blond, sweet, and smooth textured Acorn type).

We are calling this the Holiday Special Box.  It’s December!   These veggies are loaded with festive colors:  Purples, orange, and yellow carrots that are tender and sweet (raw on a relish tray) paired with the purple and snow white Daikon radishes (pickled or crisp along side the carrots).  Steamed herb potatoes red, white (actually a creamish yellow), and stunning blue as a side dish with your holiday ham.  Or steamed and roasted Brussels sprouts–fresher than most in the stores– that can be combined with balsamic vinegar and craisins! (Color and veggie freshness–)

Want an easy meal?  All the root crops can be combined in a full flavored roasted veggie dish–carrots, potatoes, sunchokes, daikons…season with onion and thyme, salt and pepper.  Great on a lazy snow day when you are wrapping gifts and decorating!

This is the time of year when we will have lots of sweets bombarding our GI tract and blood stream.  It’s a good time to add a little probiotic rich foods:  homemade sauerkraut and pickled Daikon’s (recipes and directions for both included).

How about a Bundt Carrot Cake?–a good dessert for a Holiday meal.  The deep purple carrots make the cake moist and when cooked they become sweeter. Include  the orange and yellow carrots, and the cake is festive and almost looks confetti-filled!  Dust with powdered sugar to make it lower calories than a fully frosted cake.  (Additional Carrots are at Bee Healthy.  We’ll be adding Deep Purple next week–1# bags for $1.75.)

With a little inspiration and a lot of ideas, this Holiday Special Veggie Box is a good thing for the Holiday season!  The Farmer’s Wife




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