Bee Healthy is RESTOCKED! AND sign up Thursday for a HOLIDAY Special Box on Friday–

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We restocked Bee Healthy today with more Brussels sprouts on the stalk, and now 1# bags!  We also added bags of small Red Cipollini onions–a treat when roasted whole, special flavor when caramelized–more green and red cabbage and our January King savoy variety…Turnips for your stews, Kohlrabi for the holiday relish trays, and 1# bags of colorful Carrots…Fingerlings and Red potatoes…Candy Onions…and Sugar Pumpkins and a plethora of Winter Squash!

Today is the deadline for our Holiday Special Boxes, but I haven’t heard from all of you yet!  I have 29 boxes left…we extended the sign up to Thursday for Friday, November 30th, or December 7th.  Email, respond to this post, or text 431-1219.  Cost is $25.

Shredded Cabbage for kraut, coleslaw, cabbage burgers, or fried with Italian Sausage in the cast iron skillet–28 oz. bag.  (Recipe included)

Brussels sprouts–1# bag with a recipe for Brussels sprouts slaw, great way to enjoy RAW sprouts.

PATRIOT Potatoes– 3# bag of RED Norland, WHITE Satina, and BLUE All Blue.  It’s fun to cook in color!  Most are small C size, and suitable to eat with the peels on as they are organically raised–

Jumbo Onion–either Sierra Blanca White, Yellow Candy, Yellow Highlander, or Redwing.

Carrots–1# bag, mixed colors of purple, orange, and yellow.  (Recipe included for Carrot Bundt carrot)

Daikon Radishes–1# Purple Bravo & Alpine White.  (Recipe included for Lacto Fermented Daikon’s, and info on why to try these Asian mainstays–)

Sunchokes–1# with lots of information and ways to cook and benefit from the pre-biotic foods.

Winter Squash–Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash, a sweet and smooth textured Acorn looking squash.

Holiday Pumpkins included with the first 20 BOXES!  Sheet included with ideas for your holiday cooking using pumpkin puree–Pumpkin Cookies frosted with Cream Cheese, Deep Purple Carrot Bundt Cake, Pumpkin Pies, Pumpkin Bars…

Last Box of the YEAR–Don’t miss out!  We’ll stock an extra 5 Boxes at The Bee this Friday for walk-in purchases, but the last day to reserve a box for December 7th is DECEMBER 5th!  The Farmer’s Wife

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