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Bee Healthy Sales–Friday through Wednesday


We are so thankful for Bee Healthy!  The Bee has been so supportive of fresh and local produce, and a strong presence in our community with healthy ideas and unique gifts–for us this has been an 8 year relationship, first with Janene and now with Janet.  THANK YOU THE BEE!

We will continue to stock Bee Healthy through December, and then we start up the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome in January in the Bee’s back room, Thursday’s.  Through the next two months, new stock is brought in every Friday morning.  Freshness is important to us!  Some items currently in the cooler are Red  and Green Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, 3 of the last 7 heads of celery, fresh harvested Broccoli and Kale from the high tunnel, and tender mixes of Carrots in purples, oranges, and some with the limited Yellowstone yellow.  We also have our organically raised Potatoes, and the unique Fingerling Mix, Candy Sweet Jumbo Onions, as well as a plethora of Winter Squash.  Interested in Blue Hubbard’s or 30# of Cabbage for sauerkraut making or cabbage burgers?  Give me a call:  431-1219.

See you around!  The Farmer’s Wife–