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In The Store at Pick Up this Week:

The extra produce came in today from Spokane.  I’ve been restocking the glass door fridge with lots of our own produce, too!  Remember–any member can shop Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at The Farm during Pickup…any member! 

Here’s a preview of what we have for this last week of the CSA:

From Spokane Produce–those great large Avocados ($2.50 each), ORG Jazz Apple pouches (2#-$4.25), ORG Plums ($2.00/# clearance), Valencia Oranges ($1.50/# clearance), Fuyu Persimmons ($2.00 each clearance), and more…

NEW itemORG Cranberries (8 oz bag–$3.25, just in time for Thanksgiving!), Basil in a vase ($1.00/oz, chose your own amount), our own Brunswick Cabbage ($.40/#), Purple Cauliflower Mix (14 oz bag-$2.00), Sugarsnax Carrots (1-1/2# bag- $1.50)…

More of our own Brussels sprout stalk ($3.50 each), Islander Bell Peppers ($1.00 each), Hot peppers (various prices), Heirloom Tomatoes ($1.25/#–very last of the season!), Winter Squash including French Pumpkins and giant Blue Hubbard’s, lots of Onions, and now our Fingerling Potatoes, as well as Yukon GemsAll organically raised and freshly harvested!

Come and support the last Pick Up and the last The Store for the year!  The Farmer’s Wife–

Fresh Produce–Bee Healthy now, Thursday Pick Up, and Bee Healthy thereafter…


As the season comes to a close we are going to key down and get some rest, but we are not going to neglect the need for fresh and organically grown local produce!

Thursday is the last Pick Up for the last group of folks–sending an individual text to let you know!  This last group is Group B Leap-Frog’s and Weekly’s who purchased the extension.  15 weeks of CSA is coming to a close!  But not the flow of food, so hang in there with us–

Additional produce is stocked at Bee Healthy–a full cooler full, Friday through Wednesday!  Check it out–Let Janet know it is a good thing to carry in her health food store.  🙂

Though The Farm is closing down for the winter months, keep fresh and local in mind.  We are committed to having fresh produce in a central location for your convenience–At this time it is Bee Healthy from 10:00 to 5:30, Monday through Friday, and 10:00 to 3:00 on Saturday’s.  We will restock every Friday those items that need replaced, or add new items as they come into their own:  Carrots, Celeriac, Deadon Cabbage, Celery, and maybe, just maybe, Sunchokes…to name a few that are still in transition from the garden to the shelter for storage.

Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome will start up in January with a full spectrum of organic produce (and some of our own)–stay tuned and get signed up.  In the meantime–shop The Bee, eat whole foods and healthy vegetables, and get plenty of rest!  I intend to!  The Farmer’s Wife

Story of the Season

What season? The cold season! What crops? Let’s talk about Basil, Lettuce, and Kale for starts–

Tales from the high tunnel – October 15th, after 2 nights of mid-20 temps.

This is the red Butterhead lettuce and the green Oakleaf. You can see they have been tucked into their very own row cover–that’s the white spun fabric I’ve pulled back for the picture. They look tender and yummy!

This, on the other hand, is the Basil, to the left, and Lacinato kale, to the right. They, too, have had their own row cover, but not with the same results. The Basil is frozen through and through, the Lacinato will live for another day, or two, or three, or for however long it takes the roots to tire of restoring a frozen plant.

Despite this outcome and the total deadness of the garden outside the high tunnel, we will have our very last CSA Pickup Thursday, October 18th. The Share will have Red Cabbage, Celery, Bell Pepper, Shishito Peppers, Onion, Lettuce, Broccolini, Heirloom tomato, and Buttercup squash. 🙂

The Farmer’s Wife

BRRRRRR….snow and cold!

Soup weather!  Celery, onion, fresh garlic, and salt and pepper make a good stock–they also make the house feel warm and smell good!

We have celery and onion at Bee Healthy–they close at 3:00 Saturday but back open at 10:00 on Monday.  We have Janet’s produce cooler filled to the top!  Here’s a listing of the items, all organically raised and harvested fresh:

Deadon, Kaitlin Green, and Red cabbages–great in soups, Kaitlin is our sauerkraut and cabbage burger cabbage, and consider adding the red with the green for added nutrition and color! ….$.50-$.75/#

Onions this week are Yellow Candy and Red Zeppelin, both sweet.  Partially dried so the price is a little less than fresh onions…$1.00/#

Broccoli Crowns and Brussels Sprouts–FRESH and full of flavor.  (as organically raised the broccoli may have a few green worms that are easily eliminated…sorry, I know that is gross for some.  Consider it a reassurance that we have not used chemicals!)…$2.00 and $4.50

Celery–$1.50 each…FRESH and full of flavor–no rivals in the stores!

Fresh Lettuce–Red Leaf, Green Oakleaf, and Red Butterhead….$1.75 each

Bell Pepper Trios–Red, Orange, and Greenish……………$3.25

Hot Pepper Bags–great for soups and for a light touch on most dishes…$1.50

Heirloom Tomatoes–got them before the freeze!…………….$1.25 and $1.50

Root Crops–Turnips, Daikon Radishes, Carrot Mix…..$1.00-$1.50

Kohlrabi– German Turnips, nutrient dense and sweet……………….$.75 each

Lots of Winter Squash, full of beta-carotene, a good addition for the winter months………….$1.00/#

Next week, Organically grown potatoes (including Fingerlings), French Pumpkins, Blue Hubbards, and Celeriac!

Produce will be at Bee Healthy through Wednesday!  Support Local and Fresh-

The Farmer’s Wife



CSA Comes to a Close…


It happens every year:  The CSA comes to a close.  This week was the end for 60 members, and next week will be the end for 36 members.  Last week we said ‘good bye’ to 24 members.  I hope it has been a wonderful experience for EVERYONE–lots of good vegetables with lots of variety.  I hope EVERYONE has experienced the beauty of FRESH produce–the heightened taste, nutrition, and its ability to last longer than what we get through conventional means.  I hope EVERYONE has taken advantage of recipes on the internet and those we’ve posted on   And rest assured, once we have a little down time we will be at it again for 2019!

What now?  We will be stocking our vegetables at Bee Healthy for Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.  After we finish the CSA next week, with the start of the last week in October, we will stock Friday through Wednesday.  This runs up to Christmas.  The Buyer’s Group starts up in January.  If you are looking for something specific (cabbage or pie pumpkins, for example) send me a text and I will be sure to send those specific items to Bee Healthy.

What is the Buyer’s Group?  With most of our stored vegetables coming to an end, but still a need for organically raised veggies through the winter into the spring, we hold Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome every Thursday in the back room at Bee Healthy!  Produce is as fresh as possible in the middle of the winter, and sales last all day Thursday–10:00 to 5:30.  40 folks commit to a Special Box of veggies two times a month (Buyer’s Group Members), and we provide those Special Boxes and Extra’s for the members of the Buyer’s Group AND each and every Walk-in.  Buyer’s Group is not closed to members only– the core of members cover the minimum cost with Spokane Produce so we can provide the program for the community at-large (Walk-in’s).

Sign up ‘to follow’ us at so you will know when to sign-up in December for the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome.  In the meantime, shop and support Bee Healthy.  In fact, shop Bee Healthy all year round–Janet has been a key player in supporting our garden and values Fresh and Local!  

The Farmer’s Wife


Thank you soooo much to Misty and Mindy who came Saturday and tirelessly worked in getting the last of the winter squash out of the garden and stored in the cooler and shelter pallet bins. Winter squash is all now in! It is such a great feeling when members volunteer time to help!! Much appreciated–

Veggies at Bee Healthy—

We have dropped veggies at The Bee! A good cross section. Looking for something specific that you don’t see there? Give me a call/text at 431-1219–

Check it out–they close at 3:00 on Saturday–Open again Monday at 10:00-

The Farmer’s Wife