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November 2nd Special Box- 2nd Notice

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We are still harvesting from the garden–First and foremost is a beautiful savoy cabbage known as Deadon.  It is a January King variety, which means it is extremely cold hardy…in fact, the cold makes the flavor sweeter and the pink blush on the crown brighter.  These are in their prime and are the headliner of our November 2nd Special Box– along with fresh dug carrots and kohlrabi (our Brassica contribution).  Our coolers are filled with cabbages and winter squash, onions and potatoes, so what we box and sell doesn’t have to be stuffed into our crowded coolers and will make room for other root crops and celeriac…

Detail on the Contents:

Deadon Cabbage–Suitable for a dinner main dish–recipe included.  (Does not store well in our cooler for long term–so it has to go!)

Carrots (either Yellowstone yellow, Cosmic red, or Tri-Color Mix of purples and oranges, tender and small to mid-sized), and Kohlrabi (German Turnip!).

Jumbo Yellow Onion, fresh Celery with tops suitable for drying for winter soups (or purchase some more and make your own stock now)Potatoes (probably Yukon Gem, or maybe Norland Red), Butternut Squash with a couple of recipes.

I also have a bag of Organic Cranberries (from Spokane Produce) to add to the first 10 Special Boxes…and I’m trying to round up some locally grown Garlic Bulbs.            Cost for the Veggies, Box, and Recipes…………..$30

TEXT 431-1219 with your name and a YES, or email  ORDER BY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30th FOR PICK UP AT BEE HEALTHY FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd.  

We will still continue to stock produce at Bee Healthy Friday’s through Wednesday’s until Mid-December.

Don’t miss out on this Meal BOX–fresh veggies and recipes!  The Farmer’s Wife

New Stock at Bee Healthy–Now’s Soup Stock Time with FRESH Celery…

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The Produce has been refreshed at Bee Healthy–

New items this week are 1# bag of a Carrot Mix–Yellowstone yellow, Deep Purple and Purple Haze, and orange Sugarsnax.  More Butternut and Acorn squashes as well as the other varieties, 3# bag of organically raised Potatoes including Fingerlings, Red and Green Cabbage, Onions, Fresh Celery, Brussels sprout stalks, Purple topped Turnips, and Daikon Radish Pack.

Take this opportunity to make soup stock for winter cooking:  celery with all the leaves, onions…add your own garlic and herbs, salt and peppercorns, or carrots, too.  Great suggestions on the internet!  Cook and strain.  Can be canned, froze, or kept in quart jars in the fridge if used within a couple of weeks.  Adds flavor to soups, gravies, and sauces.  Now is the time to do this while the celery is fresh–It will not be available beyond Mid-November.

Look at the past post on Brussels Sprouts–a nutritional power house and much better Fresh on the stalk than frozen or bagged in the store.  Instructions on cooking with recipe suggestions.  We are harvesting this as needed.  It is very winter hardy, but is nearing the end of the 1200 plants we started in March, planted in June, and began harvesting the end of September!  We eat these in season!!

The Farmer’s Wife