Fresh Produce stocked at Bee Healthy! Feature this week: Peppers–Hot and NOT! (Bells)



We’ve refreshed the produce at Bee Healthy and added our organically raised potatoes!  More fresh Brussels sprouts on the stalk–a treat for sure if you’ve never had them before–parboil before roasting for a full flavor profile!  

This week we stocked a 3 Pack of Bell Peppers.  If you are one of our CSA members, I’m sure you’ve got a couple in the fridge from the last two Thursday Pick Up’s.  We harvested peppers several times after the first frost and before the freezes last week.  Pepper plants are tender and along with the tomato plants are first to frost and begin to diminish with the colder weather.

This would be a good week to use your Bells…OR buy some more at Bee Healthy.  Meal?–Sloppy Joes! Easy to make: onion, bell pepper, celery, all cooked with the hamburger until tender. For easy prep, add catsup and a little Worcestershire sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve on a hamburger bun. Want to switch it up? Add a Poblano pepper–mild with just a little heat. (Hot Pepper pack at Bee Healthy, too!)

Looking for something a little different for Hot Peppers?  I like Chile Rellenos Casserole (easier than the individually stuffed peppers): Poblano Peppers, blistered and peeled, sliced open and seeded, then laid in the bottom of a casserole dish, and covered with an egg mixture. Baked in the oven and served fresh.  (Recipe at , recipe #66- must cut and paste, no links…yet...)

I just blistered and peeled about a dozen Poblano peppers, and froze them for a winter dish! …Then I rubbed my eyes–didn’t blind me, just slightly uncomfortable for 15 minutes.  🙁   Listen to me whine!

The peppers in the Hot Pepper Pack are Pueblo (long, meaty, smooth, red–best roasted, medium hot), Paprika (similar to the Pueblo but not smooth–this is commerically dried and ground into paprika powder–mild heat), Hungarian Hot Wax (yellow, orange, or red, smaller than the first two–hotter than both), Poblano (also called Ancho, largest pepper in the pack–candidate most often used for Chile Rellano’s), and 3 beautiful orange Habanero’s (the HOTTEST of the pack–I just look at them!  Katy ferments them.  Bob puts them in his Salsa.)

Check out the Produce at Bee Healthy.  What is there will be there until Wednesday closing, then we will restock again on Friday.  For the months of November and December you can buy your produce direct from the cooler at The Bee. 

January starts up the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome every Thursday in the back room at Bee Healthy.  Watch to sign up!  The Farmer’s Wife


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