BRRRRRR….snow and cold!

Soup weather!  Celery, onion, fresh garlic, and salt and pepper make a good stock–they also make the house feel warm and smell good!

We have celery and onion at Bee Healthy–they close at 3:00 Saturday but back open at 10:00 on Monday.  We have Janet’s produce cooler filled to the top!  Here’s a listing of the items, all organically raised and harvested fresh:

Deadon, Kaitlin Green, and Red cabbages–great in soups, Kaitlin is our sauerkraut and cabbage burger cabbage, and consider adding the red with the green for added nutrition and color! ….$.50-$.75/#

Onions this week are Yellow Candy and Red Zeppelin, both sweet.  Partially dried so the price is a little less than fresh onions…$1.00/#

Broccoli Crowns and Brussels Sprouts–FRESH and full of flavor.  (as organically raised the broccoli may have a few green worms that are easily eliminated…sorry, I know that is gross for some.  Consider it a reassurance that we have not used chemicals!)…$2.00 and $4.50

Celery–$1.50 each…FRESH and full of flavor–no rivals in the stores!

Fresh Lettuce–Red Leaf, Green Oakleaf, and Red Butterhead….$1.75 each

Bell Pepper Trios–Red, Orange, and Greenish……………$3.25

Hot Pepper Bags–great for soups and for a light touch on most dishes…$1.50

Heirloom Tomatoes–got them before the freeze!…………….$1.25 and $1.50

Root Crops–Turnips, Daikon Radishes, Carrot Mix…..$1.00-$1.50

Kohlrabi– German Turnips, nutrient dense and sweet……………….$.75 each

Lots of Winter Squash, full of beta-carotene, a good addition for the winter months………….$1.00/#

Next week, Organically grown potatoes (including Fingerlings), French Pumpkins, Blue Hubbards, and Celeriac!

Produce will be at Bee Healthy through Wednesday!  Support Local and Fresh-

The Farmer’s Wife



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