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Fall has Fallen! But Fresh is still ALIVE–


Fall has fallen and will hit reality next week when the temperature plummets to below freezing for multiple nights in a row.  We are plugging away getting things stored up so we can continue to provide for our community, both the CSA community of members, and our larger community in the Big Horn Basin.  

Remember:  We stock veggies at Bee Healthy for Saturday sales.  The car is headed that direction RIGHT now loaded with the last of the cucumbers and Green/Red Bell peppers, 4 Extazy Watermelons (still sweet and firm), a new harvest of Brussels Sprouts stalks, and much, much more.  The Bee opens at 8:00 for your shopping convenient, and closes at 3:00 P.M. Saturday.

Stay tuned for the Fall Fridays which start up in November and run to mid-December, and then the Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome that starts in January and carries us through the spring until our garden is ready in July.

This Thursday was the last Share for 24 of our CSA Members…The very very last Share is October 18th.  (If you’d like to add a share, send me a text 431-1219–you can pay your $25 at Pick Up.)  Though the weather is changing we still have plenty of good veggies:  Brussels sprouts, fresh cabbage, high tunnel Lettuces, Broccolini (Galion X), onions of all stripes and colors, celery and celeriac, and the last of the Bell Peppers (both Islander and Green/Red Bells) and some Shishito peppers.  The root crops will be coming out soon, and the potatoes as well.  The Shelter is filling up with crates of Winter Squash to sell throughout the winter–this week we sent a 400# bin to Bozeman, Montana.  How much fun is that?  LOADS!!

Button up, and stay warm!  Get ready for an amazing winter with lots of snow and cold…which prepares us and the earth for the advent of Spring!  Can’t wait…but I will-  The Farmer’s Wife