Produce Updates

BULK ITEMS FOR SALE–text 431-1219 to order

Corn on the Cob–the corn is ready to sell in half cases: $12

Tomatoes–20# cases of canning tomatoes…3 cases boxed and ready to go…..$25

Fresh Cabbage–25# cases (3 heads)…great for cabbage burgers and sauerkraut……$15.25

Watermelons and Cantaloupe at Bee Healthy tomorrow…with other fresh veggies! With Janet’s new cooler for Lloyd Craft Farms we will leave them until Tuesday–Greater chance for those healthy and nutritious foods–Don’t neglect yourselves!

We are plugging away and running out of energy! Potatoes to dig, and many of the onions are ready to dry.  The carrots and other root crops are now ready to harvest and will be added to the Shares (Carrots, Beets, Daikon’s). We are looking to add one large cabbage to carry you through the fall and a beautiful Deadon Savoy with a recipe for now.  There will be more winter squash that will keep in a cool place for several months–these are high in Beta Carotene which our bodies use to make Vitamin A.  Broccolini is our last Brassica for the season (beside cabbage) and is your healthy healing food. Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers will be included until the first freeze. At some point the celery and celeriac will be filled out and ready to go, too! Final Pumpkin in the last share.

The season is coming to a close with the last shares on October 18th! If you did not buy the Extension but would like to include it now ($25 per Share) , check with me on Thursday…or send me a text to check your final date. Thanks for the support! Hope you have enjoyed the veggies this year–

The Farmer’s Wife

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