macro photography of raspberries

I just got a call from SonHarvest in Riverton, our Raspberry supplier.  They are overstocked!  They have an extra 20 flats this week.  (Last week they were short 10 cases–sigh–that is the state of farming…either too much or too little–)  ANYWAY–  I have today to add on to my order, SOOOO…

If you would like a flat of Raspberries for $34.50 shoot me a text 431-1219.    We need to let SonHarvest know asap so they can continue to pick what is needed. BTW–a flat is 16 pints. These are vine-ripened and unrivaled with anything in the store or bought through a distributor.  Since they are vine-ripened they have a short shelf life BUT they are easy to freeze:  spread out on a cookie sheet, freeze, then transfer to ziplock gallon bags.  Good in smoothies and on ice cream–in the dead of winter or now!

Raspberries will be delivered here to the farm sometime tomorrow–you can pick them up Tuesday, anytime! 

The Farmer’s Wife–Happy CRAZY Monday!!   

Photo by Claudia Romero-Dneprovski on Pexels.com

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