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Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but with the freezing weather approaching this weekend we are canceling Saturday Market at Bee Healthy for this weekend.  We will be back next Saturday, at 10:00 a.m., for possibly a Grand Finale with melons in abundance…and most of our other great produce!

Bee Healthy will open at its regular time of 10:00 a.m. and close at 3:00 p.m. for Saturday– Stay warm and get buckled in for the winter weather that will be here!


The Farmer’s Wife–

Who Done it!

The answer to the destruction of our melons is Raccoons, a passel of them!  The garden invasion was discovered Monday morning.  That night, around midnight, The Farmer was headed to the hay field and he saw beady little eyes in his headlights but then they disappeared.  He slowed as he approached the spot where the eyes were and discovered them clinging to the back of the power poles, hiding!  They are too dang smart for anyone–

The Son says it’s my fault they invaded.  Several months ago a giant raccoon was eating our old kitty’s food in the evening.  We figured it out when the old kitty was hungry all the time, so we hid and waited, and there he came–The biggest raccoon I’d ever seen.  (The Son says it is the grandpa of the ‘herd’ feasting on the melons!) The Son and The Farmer conspired that the next night they would lay in wait and SHOOT him.  I agreed…Until I saw him.  Then compassion filled my heart, and my city girl upbringing prevented the murder of the poor innocent soul.  I forbade it!  We moved the cat’s food to a protected place, and the bandit quit coming.

That brings us to the Watermelons.  Whether we intend to or not, we share the garden with deer and raccoons, grasshoppers, cabbage moths and their offspring, Lygus bugs, and yes…even aphids!  They don’t always share fairly, and so we have to take steps to ‘terminate’ them…higher fences, electric charges, insect netting, bacillus that kills the green worms, organic pyrethrum, and spinosad.  BUT, don’t touch the melons, Raccoons, or it means WAR!

Happy Sunday–The Farmer’s Wife

Produce Updates

BULK ITEMS FOR SALE–text 431-1219 to order

Corn on the Cob–the corn is ready to sell in half cases: $12

Tomatoes–20# cases of canning tomatoes…3 cases boxed and ready to go…..$25

Fresh Cabbage–25# cases (3 heads)…great for cabbage burgers and sauerkraut……$15.25

Watermelons and Cantaloupe at Bee Healthy tomorrow…with other fresh veggies! With Janet’s new cooler for Lloyd Craft Farms we will leave them until Tuesday–Greater chance for those healthy and nutritious foods–Don’t neglect yourselves!

We are plugging away and running out of energy! Potatoes to dig, and many of the onions are ready to dry.  The carrots and other root crops are now ready to harvest and will be added to the Shares (Carrots, Beets, Daikon’s). We are looking to add one large cabbage to carry you through the fall and a beautiful Deadon Savoy with a recipe for now.  There will be more winter squash that will keep in a cool place for several months–these are high in Beta Carotene which our bodies use to make Vitamin A.  Broccolini is our last Brassica for the season (beside cabbage) and is your healthy healing food. Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cucumbers will be included until the first freeze. At some point the celery and celeriac will be filled out and ready to go, too! Final Pumpkin in the last share.

The season is coming to a close with the last shares on October 18th! If you did not buy the Extension but would like to include it now ($25 per Share) , check with me on Thursday…or send me a text to check your final date. Thanks for the support! Hope you have enjoyed the veggies this year–

The Farmer’s Wife

Who Did This!?

Any ideas? The guys went out to harvest watermelons Monday morning. About 60 looked like this– What do you think?

Pick Up Day today! Shares and lots of Greens in The Store—

Thursday, 4:00-6:00 pm, Pick Up at The Farm for Weekly’s and Leap-Frogger’s. Refrigerator stocked for ALL members. Diamond S Delights will be there with great cheeses and raw milk products! Bee Healthy stocks a clearance rack–

The Store is stocked with lots of Extras this week: Corn, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Onions, Snack Peppers , Artisan Cherry Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, and Watermelons.

Last week I was short items as I had no Spokane Produce, but this week they are BACK! Organic Girl salad mix and Baby Spinach, Living Butter Lettuce, Asian Salad Mix, the good Avocados, nice firm Organic Bananas, Organic Turmeric root and Ginger. Fresh White Mushrooms, and lots of Organic Lemons and Limes. We also have Utah Peaches, Pears, and Honey Crisp Apples. Idaho Italian Prunes, and Riverton Raspberries! All reasonably priced and FRESH!

Come and shop for fresh and ALIVE food!

See you! The Farmer’s Wife

Update on FRUIT and our MELONS

fruit pear

agriculture close up delicious eating healthy

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Update on the FRUIT that has been flowing through our coolers from Riverton and Utah to Big Horn Basin homes.

Available–Text 431-1219 to order:
4 Flats of Raspberries are unspoken for at this writing–$34.50 for 12-half pints. (expected delivery Tuesday, September 18th, pick up after noon)
3 Boxes of Red Bartlett Pears–about 34#–tree-ripened and ready to finish off to can or eat, finish-off means to leave them at room temperature for a day or two…they’ve been in refrigeration to stop the ripening process–$37.00 each 

We get our last shipment of Raspberries from Riverton on TuesdayA BIG Shout out and BIG thank you to the Piel’s with SonHarvest Seasons!  The raspberries have been spectacular for the past two weeks–sorry to see them come to a close, but it’s worth the wait for the fall berries with their sweetness.  A great fruit to freeze and enjoy in the winter!

Thanks to all that took advantage of the apples (Gala, Ginger Gold, Honey Crisp), Pears (Bartlett, Red Bartlett, Kalle Red), Peaches (Angelus this last load), and Frozen Pie Cherries from the Utah orchard…thanks, Karen Fettig for being our contact person with the Fower’s!  Love to get the good stuff!!

Reminder:  We have WATERMELONS, CANTALOUPE, HONEY DEW, and LAMBKIN Spanish MELONS for sale at Pick Up on Thursday’s (4-6 pm) and Saturday’s at Bee Healthy (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.)–Vine-ripened and unRivaled!  Members only on Thursday, open to the public on Saturday–


The Farmer’s Wife

Saturday Market at Bee Healthy

Melons–Mini-Red Seedless, mid-sized Captivation, Athena cantaloupe, Sugar Cube, Piel de Sao (Spanish melon), and Honey Dew.

Fresh veggies in the cooler- Broccoli (Galion X), Sierra Blanca Fresh white onions, sweet Snack peppers and packets of Hot peppers (Roasting Pueblo, Poblano, jalapeño, and Habanero), European Cucumbers, fresh Basil in a clamshell..

Come and check it out, as well as Janet’s extended stock of healthy foods, supplements, and unique gifts! Diamond S Delight’s raw dairy is in the back!

Saturday Market, in conjunction with Farmer’s Market at Pioneer Square– The Farmer’s Wife