This Week’s Shares

Wow!! Haven’t heard much from us? Nope!!! Too busy harvesting and getting veggies into Special Boxes for our members in the Big Horn Basin, Sheridan/Buffalo, and Casper, as well as our 90 members here in Worland!

This week’s Boxes have been filled with the last of the cauliflower and vivid Orange Bell peppers or sweet Snack Peppers (called Yum Yum for a reason), a type of onion, cucumber (get them fresh while we can), Roma tomatoes and Esterina Yellow in the qt clamshell, zucchini and Patty Pan summer squash, and NEW this week: Acorn Squash and either a French Charentais or small Sugar Cube cantaloupe.

Thursday Shares for this last week in August (8 of 13 Shares) are fresh Broccolini, Newly harvested Orange Bell Pepper, sweet and crisp Suyo Chinese cucumber, Yellow Sweet Spanish onion, and kohlrabi. Group C will have either an Acorn squash or a Spaghetti squash, and hopefully some kind of tomato and melon. I say hopefully because the rain and cooler weather brought both melons and tomatoes to a screeching halt!

Next week CORN! if we can keep the coons out! Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Sapo De Paolo, or Watermelons should be in full force— stay tuned for more fresh and local!! Lettuce growing in the high tunnel—

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