Grass-fed Pork, Locally grown

The verdict is in! Fort Causeway Pork Bundles are worth it–quality is top notch. Pork is raised in Lovell on Keri and Kevin’s pasture, and processed using no chemicals or unnatural additives. Bacon is cured using celery juice powder, sugar, and salt, and flavored with maple syrup.

Bundles include Cottage Bacon (less fat, more meat), Pork Bacon, Ground Pork or Patties, 2 packets of Pork Chops. Overall weight is 10#, cost is $92.

I have 5 left for sale, and can order more. Reserve yours by texting 431-1219. First come, first serve. They can be picked up Thursday at The Farm. CSA member’s first–

The Farmer’s Wife

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