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This Week’s Shares

Wow!! Haven’t heard much from us? Nope!!! Too busy harvesting and getting veggies into Special Boxes for our members in the Big Horn Basin, Sheridan/Buffalo, and Casper, as well as our 90 members here in Worland!

This week’s Boxes have been filled with the last of the cauliflower and vivid Orange Bell peppers or sweet Snack Peppers (called Yum Yum for a reason), a type of onion, cucumber (get them fresh while we can), Roma tomatoes and Esterina Yellow in the qt clamshell, zucchini and Patty Pan summer squash, and NEW this week: Acorn Squash and either a French Charentais or small Sugar Cube cantaloupe.

Thursday Shares for this last week in August (8 of 13 Shares) are fresh Broccolini, Newly harvested Orange Bell Pepper, sweet and crisp Suyo Chinese cucumber, Yellow Sweet Spanish onion, and kohlrabi. Group C will have either an Acorn squash or a Spaghetti squash, and hopefully some kind of tomato and melon. I say hopefully because the rain and cooler weather brought both melons and tomatoes to a screeching halt!

Next week CORN! if we can keep the coons out! Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Sapo De Paolo, or Watermelons should be in full force— stay tuned for more fresh and local!! Lettuce growing in the high tunnel—

UTAH FRUIT and Other Canner’s Information

If you want to order your Utah Fruit direct from Karen Fettig, go to Facebook, Karen’s Utah Fruit Truck, and post under her price list heading. Deadline is rapidly approaching as fruit will be delivered around Labor Day.

If you want to order the same fruit from Lloyd Craft Farms, it is 15% more, but we will pick it up and store it for a week until you can pick it up here at The Farm.  Send an email to or text to 431-1219.

Here’s the choices from Karen’s Utah Fruit Truck Facebook page:

Peaches–just under 33#…………………………….$32.00

Green Bartlett Pears–just under 39#…………$32.00

Ginger Gold Apples–38# (if available)……….$32.00

Gala Apples–38#…………………………………………..$32.00

Tart Frozen Pie Cherries (sugared)–30# tub………………..$36.00

Tart Frozen Pie Cherries (no sugar)–30# tub……………….$37.00

Reminder that we have tomatoes, cabbage, and green beans for canners or in bulk!  Check it out at , For the Canners tab–prices and availability posted!  Pickling cucumbers and dill are about done…taking orders right now for tomatoes and Spaghetti Sauce kits.  We also sell hot peppers for you Salsa makers!


The Farmer’s Wife



Grass-fed Pork, Locally grown

The verdict is in! Fort Causeway Pork Bundles are worth it–quality is top notch. Pork is raised in Lovell on Keri and Kevin’s pasture, and processed using no chemicals or unnatural additives. Bacon is cured using celery juice powder, sugar, and salt, and flavored with maple syrup.

Bundles include Cottage Bacon (less fat, more meat), Pork Bacon, Ground Pork or Patties, 2 packets of Pork Chops. Overall weight is 10#, cost is $92.

I have 5 left for sale, and can order more. Reserve yours by texting 431-1219. First come, first serve. They can be picked up Thursday at The Farm. CSA member’s first–

The Farmer’s Wife

SATURDAY MARKET! Bee Healthy…get out of the Rain—

We are set up and ready to go! Both Bee Healthy and Lloyd Craft Farms.

Fresh produce, including CHEDDAR CAULIFLOWER…YUM YUM Snack Peppers…Fresh SIERRA BLANCA onions…Slicing Cucumbers and Giant Green Bell Peppers.

The Bee closes at 3:00 pm on Saturday. DON’T MISS OUT–

Veggies at Bee Healthy through Monday—Aug 13th

Tomatoes, cucumbers, beautiful broccoli heads, and more are still at Bee Healthy! Come in and pick it up– will be brought back home Monday @ closing. 🙂

Tomatoes at Saturday Market at Bee Healthy—until 3:00.

Somewhat Late, but Never Too Late?

Not the Pick Up…just the post to let you know…

CSA Pick Up at The Farm! Thursday from 4:00-6:00. Lots of great items at The Store:

Mycopia Gourmet Mushroom’s, Chef’s Sampler. These are by far THE BEST mushrooms! 4 gourmet varieties- $8.25 for half pound

Lemons, 2/$1.00–recipe for Honey Lemonade…we also have ORG Lons if you are grinding up the peel, too.

More ORG Strawberries, ORG Red Plums, Minneolas, ORG Bananas, ORG Apples (2 varieties), and Flathead Cherries. Champagne Mangoes this week, and Pineapple. More stuff!

Lloyd Craft Farms produce, new this week in The Store: Snack Peppers, mini-Eggplant, Cherry Tomatoes in a clamshell.. Joi Choi with stark white, thick, crunchy stems. Last of the Red Cabbage.

Looking for a good flavored pork? I’ve got it, from Lovell, Fort Causeway Meats– best bacons, pork chops, and Ground pork. $92 for 10# bundle. Ask me about it!

Shares this week have Sierra Blanca white onions, more of that great Broccoli, and some type of tomato. Also cucumbers and Summer Squash, and either Antohi Frying pepper or Islander Purple, or Shishito Peppers.

Thursday Group will have Mini-Fingerling Eggplant, and bagged Cauliflower Mix.

Tuesday Group had Flamestar Cauliflower and Shishito Peppers, and a couple Hakurei salad Turnips.

Diamond S Delights will be bringing it again with their GREAT cheeses and spreads! Janet with Bee Healthy has some crackers are clearance that make a good marriage with the cheeses–

See you there! The Farmer’s Wife!

Saturday Market at The Bee

Flathead cherries, 1# bags, both conventional and organic–$4.25 and $5.00

Lots of Lloyd Craft Farms veggies:

Tendersweet Green cabbage & Red Express – $.85 & $.90/#

Broccoli and cauliflower heads, harvested Thursday and Friday

Our own Galion X Broccolini, Shishito peppers, purple Bells (Islanders), Joi Choi and Mei Qing Bok Choi…

Lots of cucumbers: Corinto slicers, Striped Armenians, Tasty Jades, and 8 oz bag Snack Cucumbers…bagged Summer Squash Mix and Patty Pan’s to grille.

Store opens at 8:00 am, closes at 3:00 on Saturday’s. Come and check it out!!!

The Farmer’s Wife

This Week’s Shares…New and Continuing…

It is mid-week, and we are finishing up the Shares for all the members with the last Shares being picked up tomorrow from 4:00-6:00 p.m. here at The Farm.  The Store will be in full swing with Flathead Cherries (both ORG and Conventional), ORG Pink Lady Apples and a new variety called Pacific Rose, more of the full flavored ORG Apricots and Red Plums.  We are trying a new avocado called Lamb which is also a Hass variety out of California.  I brought in a flat of ORG Strawberries that are smelling up the refrigerator…in a good way!  More of the small pineapples, and a new citrus:  Minneola’s, along with Rio Star Grapefruit and lots of lemons and limes.  And the usual ORG Bananas, ginger root and turmeric, herbs, and salad greens with clamshells of Spinach.  Extra’s hot peppers and veggies in the glass cooler, and more!

Just a head’s up on what the Garden has provided for us this week in the Shares:

Bagged Broccoli and a head of CauliflowerCauliflower is not a creature of heat–so some have yellowing and slightly flowered heads, but the flavor is the same and tender.  (All broccoli and cauliflower should be consumed fresh if you want to avoid the strong ‘radishy’ flavor that develops the longer it sits in the fridge.) 

Continuing with the Cucumbers (because they are continuing!) each Share has either the long snaky Striped Armenian cucumber with 2 Slicers (Corinto or Olympian), or the Chinese Suyo with 2 Slicers.  Thursday’s group will have the Suyo (maybe 2) and Tasty Jades. I apologize if you are not a cucumber fan–but…this is what the garden is producing in abundance right now…that and Summer Squash….but it will not always be this way–I promise!!  Lemon Cucumbers are just starting to produce, and as we finish up filling orders for picklers, we will have the Harmonie’s available as Snack Cucumbers and the large ones as Slicers.  (We have 1# bags of Snack Cucumbers for sale in The Store–no Lemon cucumbers this week.)

We also included more of the purple Islander peppers, but they are thicker-meated and even better than last week!  The Yum Yum Snack Peppers are producing, so maybe next week!  Other Bell Peppers are coming along, too–I like them thick-meated and blocky.

The new vegetable of the week is Mei Qing Bok Choi, commonly known as Asian Greens or sometimes Chinese cabbage.  It is yummy in stir fry (recipe at under the Recipe tab) with other vegetables, or by itself with mushrooms and onions.  Do not over-cook or it can become rubbery and loose its texture.  Secret to a good stir fry is high heat, and a short time of cooking–this can be accomplished by preparing all the veggies before you start cooking them. I like the sesame seed oil as it can handle the high heat. If you aren’t comfortable making the stir fry sauce consider buying one–they are not bad!

This Thursday’s Shares will have the first harvest of white Onions, our favorite Sierra Blanca’sChelsea and I peeled them today, and laughed and cried the whole time– 🙂  I think they are super cooked, which is how I like my onions!  Onions are a good addition to the Bok Choi, along with the smaller summer squash which is suitable for stir fry.  

For the Extra’s Table, if we can figure out where to put it, we’ll have some Zucchini ‘boats’ for those that love to grate and freeze them for there winter bread, and lots of slicers to take as gifts…and I mean lots:  235 to be exact!  

See you tomorrow!  The Farmer’s Wife–