Tomorrow is Market Day at Bee Healthy!  Store opens at 8:00 with all the usual great stuff that Bee Healthy has PLUS fresh produce from Lloyd Craft Farms–One Day Only.  Saturday closing at The Bee is 3:00 p.m. All produce under refrigeration to keep it fresh!

Offerings tomorrow are a new harvest of Red Radishes, heads of Broccoli, bags of Broccolini, and a few heads of some off-color Cauliflower that we picked this morning…Cucumbers of all shapes and sizes including snake-like Striped ArmeniansAntohi Frying Peppers and Shishito Peppers–both sweet and best roasted to bring out the great flavor…a couple of bags of Hungarian Hot Wax…a plethora of Summer Squashes, and fresh Farao Cabbage, and some other surprises!  All Organically raised, and all fresh picked right here in the Big Horn Basin.

Come join us for Saturday Market at The Bee– The Farmer’s Wife

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