FRUIT for The STORE!- July 26th

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I just finished ordering fruit to stock in The Store for this Thursday, July 26th!  The local produce is coming on–such an exciting time of the Year when we can get Flathead Cherries from Montana–I’ve ordered Conventional for this week, and pre-ordered the Organic for the first week in August.  Idaho Blueberries will be following in August, and the Peaches from Utah in late August, early September.

Other offerings are ORG Golden Raspberries, ORG Red Seedless Grapes, Kiwi, and ORG Apricots from CA instead of WA, and ORG Nectarines.  More of the usual in the ORG Bananas ($1.00/# this week), ORG Red Plums, ORG Pink Lady Apples, Mangoes and PineapplesIn the past we have had the Dole Golden Pineapples….this week we are trying a new variety at $3.75 instead of $5.50.

Information on the Veggies for this week will follow!

Enjoy the fresh air and get plenty of sunshine to build up your Vitamin D! — The Farmer’s Wife

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