Update to This Week–July 19th, 2018

The day is coming to a close and the sun is settling on the horizon.  We split our work today, harvesting in the morning and returning at 6:00 to weed….BUT too hot still at 6:00, so the workers power-washed tubs for an hour and a half!  Evenings here on the farm are so peaceful with light zephyrs rippling the air enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay–

With the close of Wednesday we have a better idea of the Shares for Thursday and what might be stocked in The Store:

  • Last week more than half the folks skipped their Kale.  Today when I harvested I didn’t have enough for 54 Shares, so we will have the Kale in The Store.  As I said earlier, ours is fresher than most which gives it better flavor and texture.  Cost will be $1.75 per bundle.  We do a mix of Lacinato, Green Curly, and Red Scarlet.  Red Scarlet are the large leaves good for chips, Green Curly can be smaller and very tender.  Lacinato is just plain weird…looks like what might have been around when the dinosaurs stomped through the bog.
  • No Eggplant in the Shares, either, and none in The Store.  We should have some more Asian next week in The Store, and hopefully some of the Mini-Fingerlings for you to try, too.  The Nadia and Nubia (larger Italian black and smaller purple striped) are a little delayed–the Lygus decided to feast on the center of the blooms.  The Farmer dealt with them bugs, and the Eggplant are setting on blooms again.
  • The Broccoli in the Share was changed to bagged Green Magic Broccoli Florets.  I could not bring myself to order the tearing asunder of the beautiful Imperial heads weighing over a pound each!  We only had 40# Imperial which is not enough for all in Group C to have their own head.  So, Imperial Broccoli will be relegated to a different week when more of the heads are ready!  Wait and anticipate!!  You can buy a few in The Store if you can’t wait– LOL
  • Share will have Gonzales Cabbage for the Leap-Froggers (Weekly’s got theirs last week) and Alcosa Savoyed Cabbage for the Weekly’s.  Alcosa is a treat when steamed or cooked.  The full flavor develops and it is very tender.  We leave the outer leaves on for beauty and to protect the tender head, but they should be removed…might be a little tough to eat.  Again, remember Fresh is BEST–
  • Other veggies in the Share are a full head of Cauliflower,     2 Slicing Cucumbers (Super GOOD–new variety this year!), bag of Shishito Peppers with 2 Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers, head of Cabbage, the Broccoli, and plethora of Summer Squash.  Daughter Liz reminded me today that the Antohi are really good cooked and sorta bland raw…I’d suggest adding the Antohi to your pan cooked summer squash medley with some onion or garlic.  Try adding a little Thyme from The Store.
  • New Item in The Store, freshly harvested Red Radishes.  We plan to harvest Thursday morning and will stock them for Thursday, probably only a dozen as that is what seems to be ready.  I had wanted to put them in the Shares, but have found that folks either love or hate Radishes…kinda like Cilantro and Kale (not mixed together of course…).  We will also have more bags of the Harmonie Snack Cucumbers–I think Liz and Erica are bagging them in 12 oz size.  We’ll bag no more than a dozen.  Cleaning out the cooler and found some more Snap Peas…they are just as sweet as last week…will bag the last of them–I PROMISE!
  • Last item–we have Fort Causeway Natural Pork Bundles:  Pork Chops, Cottage Bacon and Pork Bacon, and Fresh Ground Pork.  Cost is $92 for 10#…we had the Cottage Bacon the other night and it was so good!  Natural Bacon is cured with sugar and celery, no nitrites…Check it out–This meat comes from Lovell and is grass-fed.

See you tomorrow–It doesn’t have to be your day for a SHARE if you are a member.  Come and shop The Store…Apples, Bananas, and Apricots…oh yeah, Red Plums, too…All Organic.  See you from 4:00-6:00!  The Farmer’s Wife

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