Going on RIGHT NOW! Bee Healthy Anniversary and Saturday MARKET–


Yep, ONE Year for The Bee, and the First SATURDAY Market this year–all at 635 Big Horn Avenue, in Worland…Heart of the Big Horn Basin!

We have a fresh selection of what is available fresh from the garden this week:

Early Green Cabbage perfect for your first serving of fresh Cole Slaw this summer, freshly harvested White and Orange Cauliflower heads and the first harvest of the Imperial Broccoli (108# Friday Morning).

From the High Tunnel, the last (I promise this is really the last) SNAP PEAS!

New this week Asian Eggplant and Antohi Romanian Frying Peppers–and more of our fresh Kale and Broccolini Galion X.  (Galion X will be out of production this week as we clean up the leaves and prune the plants back–they’ve been producing since early June!)

Check out Janet’s Anniversary Specials and unique gift items…partake in the good eats!  

Store closes at 3:00 today–See you there!  The Farmer’s Wife

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  1. I got my first tomato off of my vines today! I was so excited to also have the famous tomato sandwich and I also got two bell peppers! Oh my goodness was they good. And healty

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  3. you can see a picture of our handy work on my blog https://lifejourneysbyGretaBowman

  4. Several years ago I was blessed with a neighbor that brought me beans and gave them to me. I had ask about buying some and he just brought me several grocery bags full from his garden. I felt so blessed. I had never canned beans but I had watched my mom and granny can. So I canned them. I got my mom to help. I have got two cans left, out of 1 quarts. I have been unable to work or do much of anything since February 20th. I usually have some type of small garden. I usually plant cucumbers, a few beans enough for us to eat on. tomatoes, and peppers, squash. We don’t have a tractor so we have to do most with hand tools. I have an autoimmune disease diagnosed this year. I got my great neice and nephew to help me make a small tomato and sweet pepper garden. This year. The did most of the work. I did plant some squash around a tree stump and they are doing good blooming but haven’t produced any squash yet and neither have my cucumbers.

  5. I wish we lived close enough to get vegetable from your farm. I have really been wanting green beans this year!.

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