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First WEEK! Wa-hooooo–This is your TEST…confirm receipt :)

The Garden is AWESOME!  You work and tend and watch and wait, and then the time finally comes where things start to pop!  Today we harvested our first haul of zucchini…can’t believe I’m excited about that!  

So, here’s what we are looking at for the Shares this Week:

Green, early Cabbage–great for coleslaw, and easy to make, too.  Recipe #36 is a good start– , Recipes page.

Broccolini– 5 oz bag–this is GREAT cooked in the cast iron skillet…I steam it in the skillet to make it tender, and then add oil and salt and pepper, and cook until slightly caramelized.  Also can be steamed.  Galion X broccoli is sweeter than regular broccoli.  Leave all the leaves on!–Galion X is more than just broccoli and better than the European Broccolini we are used to!

Broccoli/Cauliflower Mixed Bag–this is our early broccoli, smaller heads that mature quicker, and early Cauliflower that likes to spread…so we bag them together as Broccoli and Cauliflower florets.  Cauliflower likes it a little cooler than our early summers and they often ‘stretch and reach’ a bit, so we break them apart from the core and couple them with the broccoli for an easy to handle mix.  At least 1# for this week!  (Group A has 2 small heads of broccoli and a head of Cauliflower)

Asian Eggplant–long and skinny, no need to peel, cook with the peel on!  I’m not very creative with eggplant…steam it for lasagna, fry it with summer squash.  It is mild and takes on the flavors around it.  (Eggplant is sensitive to refrigeration damage, best stored on the counter in a slightly open bag, and eaten soon.  If your counter is too warm, try the fridge but wrap in paper towel and place in a plastic bag.) 

Summer Squash mix of Zucchini, Yellow Squashes, and Costa Romanesco.  Costa Romanesco is an heirloom striped zucchini that is absolutely great fried or cooked.  Costa’s meat is firmer with less liquid.  The Farmer’s mom used to make a great casserole….we list it as Recipe #3.

Kale from the garden–a nice bundle of Green Curley (goes by other names, too) that is perfect for Kale Chips.  Heat oven to 375 degrees, lightly toss leaves with a little olive oil and herbs, and spread on a cookie sheet to roast in the oven.  Done when slightly browned and crunchy.  (The smaller kale leaves are good in a green salad, or use the larger leaves cut into thin strips, or ribbons.)


This week’s Share is heavy on Brassica’s…broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage.  These were plants that were started in the greenhouse in April and transplanted May 15th.  The Brassica vegetables are also known as Cruciferous vegetables.  I just learned this winter that they are all in the Mustard family, along with radishes, turnips, rutabagas…and Brussels sprouts!  Who would have known?  We should have suspected when we saw the flower on each…looks like mustard!  Bees love them, and so does our body–high in anti-oxidants and considered a dense nutrient food by the CDC.

Let me hear from you with a simple “Can’t Wait!”–The Farmer’s Wife