:( no CSA info today…Sunday…

I promised specific information to each member on Sunday for the CSA that starts up the week after the 4th of July week…but The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife have had a houseful of grandkids and daughter’s family!  We were able to keep up with the garden harvests, and the dinner with family…hanging out with Ollie (age 3)…and watching the interactions of his older brother and sister (Brody 7 & Ayla 11), but not the office work… Please forgive our neglect… 🙁

So, I promise some information SOON…we have harvest tomorrow morning…and then in the afternoon I can start going over the accounts and get the pick up’s and drop’s set up.  Will send each of you a personal email with specific information.  Last year I posted a member’s letter here on the blog:  http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com and that was easier and faster than snail mail.  It will outline the process, the email will let you know what your group is and confirm the Share size and frequency.  It is my hope that everyone is signed up ‘to follow’ as was outlined in the CSA Agreement…if not, this information will be delayed!

Thanks for your PATIENCE!  And thank the Lord for the great weather and the growth we are seeing in the garden.  I thank God everyday for each and every person that we come in contact with, that cares for us and our garden, and that we can care for, too!  The Farmer’s Wife

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