snap peas

Saturday at Bee Healthy–Freshly picked, out of this world, SNAP PEAS!  1/2# bag for $4.25–we’ve stocked 18 bags…also more of that great salad SPINACH, SWISS CHARD and KALE, and our own BROCCOLINI (Galion X…not the stuff you’ve had from Spokane Produce that is tough and tasteless).

Also Green Crisp Head Lettuce (last 3 from the High Tunnel), and Romaine Head Lettuce (tender and sweet, starting to ‘stretch’ which makes the leaves curl and grow out from the core, but OH, so GOOD!  Wash in cold water, spin dry, break apart and bag…will store for several weeks in the fridge).

We are getting good positive feed-back on the Ginger Beef and Bok Choi Stir Fry recipe–We provide the Black Summer Bok Choi and Ginger Root, You provide the beef strips and oil…sesame seeds and soy sauce…drizzle a little sriracha for some spontaneous heat!  Easily serves 2 hungry people–  Ask Liz at Bee Healthy for help with the Sesame oil, it is super for stir-fry!  Sprinkle the sesame seeds to accent the flavor.  Use a little ginger, not the whole root we have provided!!

Stop in at Bee Healthy before 3:00 p.m.–we pull all produce Saturday and bring more fresh produce next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday–

The Farmer’s Wife

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