Today is Saturday–last day this week for Lettuce at Bee Healthy!


Organically raised produce at Bee Healthy from Lloyd Craft Farms: 

Lettuce (both Romaine and a Green Crisp Leaf)….$3.00 for your weekly supply!

Bagged Spinach- 5 oz ziplock bag……..$4.25 for washed and ready-to-go!

Last of the Stir Fry Kits with recipeJust add Rice, Sesame Seed Oil, and Bragg’s Amino Acid from The Bee to complete the meal…serves 4…$7.75!

Freshly harvested Kale, both Green Curly and Lacinato Black…$2.25

Mid-sized Black Summer Bok Choi heads, green stemmed, great lightly fried with bacon and onions…add some mushrooms if that is your choice….$3.75

Our own Broccolini, Galion X variety, 6 oz bag………..$3.25

Hurry–The Bee closes at 3:00 Saturday’s and all produce will be pulled…Fresh is best!  New stock on Thursday, June 14th–Thursday Market Day at The Bee!

The Farmer’s Wife

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