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Update on The Farm and The CSA


First CSA Pick Up will be July 12th at The Farm, 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland–4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  If you live in Thermopolis, Lovell, Manderson, Greybull, Basin, or other outlaying areas, deliveries will start the following week.  Every member will get a specific email (or text) before Sunday that confirms your share size, any outstanding payments, and date and place of delivery or pick up.

The garden is a week late this year, and I think I’m about 3 weeks late!  But…it will come together–for now, if you are not getting emails direct from go to the website and sign up ‘to follow’.  (You may have signed up earlier, or changed your email address and forgot to update, or you just got dropped over the last year–hard to figure it out sometimes…but sign up again and then accept the confirmation email to activate!)  


Get ready for good, fresh, locally grown veggies from Lloyd Craft Farms…get ready for fresh fruits, greens, herbs, and pasture finished pork from The Store on Thursday’s…and get ready to access fresh and local dairy from Diamond S Delights out of Hyattville.  All at The Farm on Thursday’s until mid-October! 

The Farmer’s Wife



new tomato plant

Garden is looking awesome!  Just about everything has been planted for now–we will follow up with planting the fall root crops in July, and our second planting of corn this Saturday.  Corn has been moved back down to the main garden–we hope to keep the deer out of it at this close range, and incorporate it into the crop rotation!

The High Tunnel was cleared out Thursday of Romaine Lettuce which is now stored in the cooler, and we are getting ready to plant more short maturing crops for the start of the CSA…Red Radishes and Hakurei salad turnips, Baby Bok Choi, as well as a new planting of Spinach to carry on where the current bed is puttering out after producing for weeks!

The Snap Peas are taking their sweet time–we harvested 17#’s Monday, and it just seemed like they were in SUSPENDED ANIMATION–BUT 67# today, and some more on Monday.  Wahoooooooo–

ON THE CSA:  July is rapidly approaching.  If you still have some money due on your Share, try to get it taken care of…things will only get faster from here on out…and all Shares need to be paid in full before Pick UP!  I will be sending information to all members next week as we make plans for Pick Up Day on Thursday’s, and line out the deliveries for those outside Worland.  Those folks that paid before May will have Early Bird Vouchers to use at The Store–thank you!

Just a little information on Thursday Pick Up at The Farm:  Diamond S Delights will be here again this year with their wonderful raw milk products, Fort Causeway is returning after a 3 year absence with their grass raised Pork–Packages which include natural cured bacon, and we will continue with The Store again as last year.  What a great opportunity to get good food at one stop every week!

Welcome to all you new Monthly Shareholders–You will get your Share the first week of each month, but can shop every single Thursday for dairy, meat, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, greens, and some limited specialty veggies.  Leap-froggers, too, can shop every week!

Keep in mind that we have planted pickling cucumbers, green beans, red beets, corn, broccoli and cauliflower, tomatoes and peppers…for open sales in bulk.  Prices are listed at , Canner’s Share page.  No membership required for the Canner’s Share, no pre-order necessary.  When those things are available for purchase, I will post to let you know!  Or give me a call and let me know what you are looking for–

THanks!  The Farmer’s Wife–





snap peas

Saturday at Bee Healthy–Freshly picked, out of this world, SNAP PEAS!  1/2# bag for $4.25–we’ve stocked 18 bags…also more of that great salad SPINACH, SWISS CHARD and KALE, and our own BROCCOLINI (Galion X…not the stuff you’ve had from Spokane Produce that is tough and tasteless).

Also Green Crisp Head Lettuce (last 3 from the High Tunnel), and Romaine Head Lettuce (tender and sweet, starting to ‘stretch’ which makes the leaves curl and grow out from the core, but OH, so GOOD!  Wash in cold water, spin dry, break apart and bag…will store for several weeks in the fridge).

We are getting good positive feed-back on the Ginger Beef and Bok Choi Stir Fry recipe–We provide the Black Summer Bok Choi and Ginger Root, You provide the beef strips and oil…sesame seeds and soy sauce…drizzle a little sriracha for some spontaneous heat!  Easily serves 2 hungry people–  Ask Liz at Bee Healthy for help with the Sesame oil, it is super for stir-fry!  Sprinkle the sesame seeds to accent the flavor.  Use a little ginger, not the whole root we have provided!!

Stop in at Bee Healthy before 3:00 p.m.–we pull all produce Saturday and bring more fresh produce next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday–

The Farmer’s Wife

Thursday Market Day at Bee Healthy…now Friday!


We SOLD OUT of Broccolini, Bagged Spinach, Green Leaf lettuce, Lacinato Kale, and Snap Peas–HOPE WE DIDN’T MISS YOU…But will have MORE Friday at 10:00 a.m….except for the Snap Peas…Hope to have more Snap Peas Saturday morning!

Prices reasonable, quality fresh, and all locally grown right here on Washakie Ten in Worland!  Local and fresh for your best health–

Thanks!   The Farmer’s Wife


Saturday at Bee Healthy– Fresh Produce…closes at 3:00 p.m.

lettuce bed in high tunnel

Saturday is the final fresh produce day for this week!  Everything will be pulled  at 3:00, and Bee Healthy’s coolers restocked NEXT Thursday at 10:00 a.m.– YAY!  That’s how to keep it fresh!!  SNAP PEAS NEXT WEEK–

What’s there now–at The Bee?

Fresh bagged and washed SPINACH– 5 oz, both ROMAINE and GREEN CRISP LETTUCE (large and crisp, organically raised heads), 2 kinds of KALE (Curly Green and Black Lacinato), RAINBOW SWISS CHARD (fresh harvested Wednesday), our own BROCCOLINI– 6 oz bags (tender and freshly harvested), and the BLACK SUMMER BOK CHOI w/Ginger Root (and a Ginger Beef and Bok Choi Stir Fry recipe)!

Garden coming along, CSA will be coming together for start the first part of July!  Members expect a letter with information on the start-up!  Stay tuned–The Farmer’s Wife


Thursday Market Day at Bee Healthy!

black summer choi

More of those great Lloyd Craft Farms veggies at Bee Healthy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!  All freshly harvested Wednesday to stock Bee Healthy’s cooler for your convenience–organically raised, full of nutrition and flavor. Bee Healthy hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Quantities are limited, but most can be restocked the next day–

This week:

Broccolini6 oz bags……………………………..$3.75  Super fried, steamed, roasted or grilled-along or cooked with other veggies!

Black Summer Bok Choi/ Ginger Root & Recipe2# heads……………SUPER PRICE!……………..$4.25  (Last week we sold Kits with Baby Bok Choi and other ingredients for stir-fry…This week it is the mid-sized Bok Choi as a meal itself:  Ginger Beef and Bok Choi Stir Fry recipe included with ginger root and Choi!)

GREENSCurly Kale, Lacinato Kale, & Rainbow Swiss Chard (CHARD IS NEW THIS WEEK!)…..$2.25/bundle

LETTUCES–Romaine & Green Crisp, full-sized heads, good for several meals!$3.00 each

SPINACHagain this week while they last…the spinach season is coming to a close…but until there is nothing more to harvest we have 5 oz bags, ready to go……$4.25/ziploc bag

THE SNAP PEAS ARE SOOOOO CLOSE!  Hoping to have some that are plumped up enough for Saturday sales!  Watch for a post

The Farmer’s Wife

Today is Saturday–last day this week for Lettuce at Bee Healthy!


Organically raised produce at Bee Healthy from Lloyd Craft Farms: 

Lettuce (both Romaine and a Green Crisp Leaf)….$3.00 for your weekly supply!

Bagged Spinach- 5 oz ziplock bag……..$4.25 for washed and ready-to-go!

Last of the Stir Fry Kits with recipeJust add Rice, Sesame Seed Oil, and Bragg’s Amino Acid from The Bee to complete the meal…serves 4…$7.75!

Freshly harvested Kale, both Green Curly and Lacinato Black…$2.25

Mid-sized Black Summer Bok Choi heads, green stemmed, great lightly fried with bacon and onions…add some mushrooms if that is your choice….$3.75

Our own Broccolini, Galion X variety, 6 oz bag………..$3.25

Hurry–The Bee closes at 3:00 Saturday’s and all produce will be pulled…Fresh is best!  New stock on Thursday, June 14th–Thursday Market Day at The Bee!

The Farmer’s Wife

Goodies at Bee Healthy– Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ONLY!

head Green leaf          head romaine

As you all know we are toiling away in the garden, between storms it seems the last couple of days…but no hail–HALLELUJAH!  All the transplants are out of the greenhouse with the exception of the celery and celeriac.  The Farmer is trying out his new planters on the beans, corn, and all root crops–and we are starting to be bothered by the appearance of those pesky weeds!  BUT THE GARDEN IS GROWING!

Meanwhile the high tunnels are in full production and we have LOTS of luscious lettuces (as the pictures attest to…), bodacious bok choi, and our very own Galion X Broccolini!  And don’t forget FRESHLY HARVESTED KALE, and BAGGED SPINACH ready to goWe have an arrangement with Janet at Bee Healthy to stock FRESH and LOCAL produce in the store THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY throughout the month of JUNE.

Here’s what’s there now until JUNE 9th (Bee closes at 3:00 pm on Saturday):

Stir Fry Kit (Baby Bok Choi, Carrots, Broccolini, Green Onions, and fresh ginger root, with an easy to follow, fail-proof recipe)–serves 3-4–depending on appetite)…add rice, sesame seed oil, and Bragg’s amino acid (Bee Healthy stocks them!)….$7.75

Kale bundles (Lacinato Black or Curly Green)……………….$2.25

Romaine & Green Leaf Lettuce (Full size and sweet)……………………………$3.00 each

Spinach– 5 oz zip-lock bag, ready to go……………………………………..$4.25

Black Summer Mid-sized Bok Choi.……………………………………………$3.75

We harvest lettuce first thing in the morning before the bitterness of the heat rises from the roots. 

To assure freshness all items will be pulled Saturday with new stock the following Thursday.  FRESH is BEST!  

Come check it out!  The Farmer’s Wife


JUNE 1st– Sign up TODAY for the CSA!


Garden is mostly in and we are anticipating another great year of organically raised veggies, some specialty grown for The Store we run Thursday at Pick Up day out at The Farm.  The Store also stocks USDA Organic or Regionally sourced Fruits, local Blue Heron Ranch Farm Fresh Eggs, an abundance of our own herbs, Specialty Gourmet Mushrooms, and Diamond S Delights raw milk products loaded with enzymes for your GOOD HEALTH!  New this year, 2 Pork Package Deals through Lovell’s Fort Causeway Meats…deals include naturally cured bacon and other pasture finished pork products.  ALL THIS is available for our membership… from the start of the CSA in July through September, and maybe into mid-October.

Cost to join is $100-$400, depending on whether a Monthly or Weekly or Leap-Frog Share.  Details at , CSA tab.

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP…we need to move on and focus 100% on the garden– Don’t let the day slip by without signing up.  Down Payment required, with the balance by July 5th– Sign up at , CSA tab, “Sign Up for CSA” page.  Pay by PayPal using your debit or credit card-don’t forget to include the fee…or drop a check out to The Farm– 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland.

THANKS!  The Farmer’s Wife