Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome, Thursday at Bee Healthy– May 24th

FIRST–thanks to all you wonderful folks who bought our EXTRA boxes on Friday’s!  Produce don’t hold–it needs to mooove–   

SECOND–Thanks to all you folks who visited us Thursday’s, some even weekly, and since January through winter snows, and icy roads…Just to get some of the freshest organic foods, and Heirloom Oranges, Lady Alice Apples, Tropicana Pineapples, and Hass and Gem Avocadoes! 

BUT FOREMOST–Thanks to those who joined Group A or Group B (or A & B–Christina!) and committed to a box of fruits/veggies twice a month, no matter what!  Month of May will come to a close and we have kept the produce flowing over the winter months, thanks to the community and all you great folks–


AND NOW WE TRANSITION TO THE NEXT PHASE:  Lloyd Craft Farms fresh and local veggies and all the fun on Thursday Pick Up Days at The Farm on Washakie Ten.    Come GROW with us!  Deadline to join is June 1st…You can now sign up on-line at and pay using PayPal!


Now…for this Thursday– Last Box for Group B, lots of goodies for sale at the back of Bee Healthy.  Diamond S Delights, and don’t forget to shop Bee Healthy!  Updated list of produce for sale is now posted at , Buyer’s Group Tab, Page “What Produce at Buyer’s Group”–

New items –ORG Red Seedless Grapes, ORG Corn on the Cob (I know–CRAZY), ORG Lady Alice apples, Gem and Hass Avocados (special on the Hass of 2/$3.75)  Items from Lloyd Craft Farms are Spinach, first harvest of Bok Choi, more Broccolini and Broccoli Raab, hopefully some of our own Kale, and a variety of fresh herbs….and, oh yes, I ordered some more of those Specialty Mushrooms, Chef’s Sampler!

GROUP B BOXES:  3# ORG Lady Alice Apples, our own Broccolini and Bok Choi, 1# bag of Spinach (great to boil, or chop and add to lots of dishes), Red Zeppelin Onion, Corn on the Cob, and 1# Red Beets–$25

See you Thursday!  AND don’t forget to sign up for the last box (5th Thursday–May 31st)–The Farmer’s Wife!

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