Thursday at Bee Healthy–

The truck order came in today!  For Group A Special Box–no green beans, but instead we will substitute our own Broccoli Raab and 1/2# bag of Spinach from Lloyd Craft Farms.  Sorry for the change, but you can’t put in what doesn’t come in!

Lots of other goodies to buy–fresh and reasonably priced, especially for USDA certified Organic.

3 more Thursday’s at Bee Healthy–Group A this week, Group B next week, and then our Fifth Thursday Special Box.  Sign up for that last Special Box (May 31st).  Deadline to reserve it is Friday, May 25th.  (email, text to 431-1219, or respond here.)

Also will be selling veggies from our high tunnels Thursday’s at Bee Healthy (as they are ready):  Broccolini, Kale, dwarf sized Bok Choi, and Romaine Lettuce.  (Spinach at Bee Healthy NOW–all week!)

The Farmer’s Wife!

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