Spinach is READY and Oh, So GOOD!

spinach salad

We are into HARVESTING, but fortunately not like mid SUMMER…yet!  This morning The Farmer and The Farmer’s Wife harvested some more of the Spinach…but not all of it before it got too hot.  The Farmer’s Wife will finish what remains of this first round tomorrow, and then we will start over Tuesday for Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome at Bee Healthy. Spinach is another one of those healthy, nutrient dense foods…good for the eyes and brain based on what I have read this past week!

Harvests in the cool of the morning retain flavor and freshness.  We are working with Janet at The Bee to stock 5 oz bags of Spinach during the week-days throughout May and June.

Also harvested out of the Gothic High Tunnel was the first of the Broccoli Raab, a custom crop grown for our buyer up north.  This is a new crop for us!  Not even sure what it tastes like–larger, more turnip-like leaves, and a smaller rounder flowery bud.  We have 2 different varieties–this first is a 30 day variety, the other is Spring Raab and is 2 weeks later, and supposed to have a little sweeter flavor.  Also planted in the Gothic is the Galion X which is our favorite Broccolini!  Hope to have some by the last week in May–keep your fingers crossed!

Last Reminder–Today is the deadline to get the Early Bird Voucher by joining the CSA and paying in full!  Postmark counts– Information on the CSA at http://www.lloydcraftfarms.com.  The Farmer’s Wife

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