Friday Special Boxes –Reserve and Pick up tomorrow at Bee Healthy!


We had a great day at Bee Healthy today and moved a lot of veggies and stuff, BUT had too many lettuce mixes left-over.  They will not hold until next Thursday….SO…FIVE Friday Special Boxes for $25 each.  Text 431-1219 to reserve and then pick up Friday at Bee Healthy (10:00 to 5:30).  (If you are interested, but can’t pick up the box until Saturday or Sunday, we can hold it here at The Farm in our cooler–)

BOX CONTENTS:  Large California Gem Avocado, Mango, ORG Snap Peas (12 oz), ORG Washington Asparagus (1#), ORG Cucumber, ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG Carrots (1#), ORG Garlic Bulb, and Organic Girl Salad Mix (5 oz).  Info Sheet included–

TEXT 431-1219 to reserve!  The Farmer’s Wife

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