Friday Special BOXES at Bee Healthy- Friday, April 27th


We had a great day, but too many left-overs to try to hold until next week…we want to keep the produce we sell as fresh as possible and that means moving  what we can!  So, we have 5 FRIDAY SPECIAL BOXES for sale and pick up FRIDAY at Bee Healthy, reserve by texting 431-1219.

BOXES contain Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, 1# bag Carrots, Leeks (easy to use onion type), 2# Yukon/Red Potatoes, and 4 Lady Alice Apples—all USDA ORGANIC.  Box cost–$25

Thanks for all the folks that stopped by today to shop, and thanks to Buyer’s Group that makes this possible!  The Farmer’s Wife

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