Thursday at Bee Healthy! April 26th



Thursday is Market Day at Bee Healthy!  Stop in and visit us, shop Bee Healthy, pick up some of the Diamond S Delights raw milk products, and get signed up for the Summer Garden CSA!  One stop shop!  Two more Boxes in May, and then we are done for the season.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Fifth Thursday if you would like the last box on May 31st–Group A and B are signed up for the first through fourth Thursday’s.  

Group B Boxes ready to go, but NO ORG Cherry Tomatoes…had to send them back! Box Price is adjusted to $21.50. We had to make some other adjustments on the cucumber, lettuce, and lemons–Value is still the same but the contents are slightly different.  More information when you pick UP!  

Speaking of TOMATOES…Can’t wait to have our own!  All the tomato plants are growing in the greenhouse, and ready to plant in the garden in May when this cold weather is GONE!  The first tomatoes ready for the CSA will be the Five Star Grape and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes…then the Artisan Cherry Tomatoes in all their shapes, colors, and flavors.  Some early season varieties for this year are the Valley Girl and Early Girl, Celebrity for the Canner’s and case sales.  A new Heirloom for 2018 is the Cherokee Green to join the pink German Johnson, black Carbon, and yellow Striped German Johnson.  We’ve also started a flat of Brandywine that average a pound each at harvest!  We will have the small deep red Bolseno again, which we hope to try in the greenhouse for the late fall through winter for next year’s Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome.  I bet you didn’t know tomatoes could have so many flavors, colors, and sizes! We should have them in abundance July until the frost–both in the Shares and for sale in The Store at Pick UP!

Don’t wait too long to join the CSA, only a set amount of Shares available!  Buyer’s Group finishes in May, we take June off to get the garden ready, and then we start up again with fresh produce, but this time THE REAL THING, local and fresh from our GARDEN!  


See you Thursday!  The Farmer’s Wife

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