Group B at Bee Healthy Thursday, April 26th…and Walk-in’s Welcome!


This Thursday at Bee Healthy is Group B:  Gem Avocado (fresh harvest!) and 1# Meyer Lemons (limes are available to buy as well as more avocados for guacamole!), also 4# bag Heirloom Oranges.  ORG Broccoli and ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans (washed and ready to go!), ORG Cucumber and ORG Cherry Tomatoes to add to your salad of ORG Red Butter head lettuce (other greens for sale!)$25 

SPECIAL NOTICE:  Spokane Produce ORG ROMAINE LETTUCE is from Salinas, California and not contaminated with e. Coli.  The contaminated Romaine is from Yuma, Arizona.  You can eat OUR lettuce and should NOT throw it out as is being advised in the news headlines.  The CDC states if you don’t know where your lettuce is from to not eat it!  But we know!  🙂  

I’m updating the Produce List under the Buyer’s Group tab (What Produce at Buyer’s Group page) and will have it posted before noon.  I hope this helps in your shopping plans!  Each item includes a number in brackets that lets you know how many are available– e.g. (10).  We want Market Day at Bee Healthy on Thursday’s to be a great experience for you!  Boxes are for those in Group B, BUT we have shelves upon shelves of other fresh goodies for sale to everyone!

The Farmer’s Wife


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