Bee Healthy- Thursday April 19th


…tomorrow is Market Day at Bee Healthy– Some things to note!

  1. Company sent the WRONG Mushrooms!  Instead of Gourmet Specialty from Mycopia, they sent sliced tri-mix medley:  White, Crimini, and Oyster.  Will be selling at my cost!
  2. Avocados!  We have made the switch from Large avocados back to the Smaller ones…why?  Browning on the inside–this winter I switched from smaller to the larger under the assumption that the larger were not being chilled in transit.  Now the larger are showing browned insides and the smaller seems to be better.  Maybe it’s an issue of fresh harvest?  If so, the smaller ones are in fresh harvest and the larger are coming to the tail end of their season.
  3. One Extra VEGGIE Box for sale tomorrow:  2# ORG Yukon Potatoes, pint of ORG Cherry Tomatoes, 4# bag Heirloom Oranges, 2 Avocado & 2 Limes, and 1# ORG Meyer Lemons…ORG Cucumber and ORG Romaine Lettuce, ORG Green Onions…$25
  4. CiTRUS is a good source of natural Vitamin C.  Vitamin C, among other things, is a good anti-viral.  Vitamin C is water-soluble and does not always survive the concentration process used for supplements, or is lost in the digestive system.  Best C is fresh C with grapefruit having the highest concentration of Vitamin C.
  5. Recall on Romaine lettuce does not apply to the Romaine Lettuce we have for sale or in the Boxes.  Recall for e. Coli applies to lettuce from Arizona that was chopped and put into bagged salads.
  6. Got a new Shipment of ORG Brussels sprouts–we bagged it ourselves this week and it looks so FRESH!
  7. Also a new Shipment of ORG Baby Bok Choi–and we bagged it ourselves and it looks so FRESH!!
  8. NO BLACKBERRIES–zero shipped this week. 🙁
  9. Look up the word refers to the purple or red coloring in fruits and veggies.  Some studies have supported the idea that anthocyanin is a super antioxidant and good for us!  I have Purple Cabbage, Red Kale, Red Carrots in the Rainbow carrot mix, Strawberries, and PURPLE POTATOES that would be good things to add to your diet.  All ORGANIC.  Need to move the POTATOES…they know it is Spring (though it is still cold and snowed yesterday) and want to GROW!


See you 
Thursday….at Bee Healthy…10-5:30…lots of choices of good food, better selection earlier in the day…pick up CSA Agreements, too!    The Farmer’s Wife

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