Monday Update and a word about MUSHROOMS!

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What a windy day…warm…but windy! Springtime in Wyoming…probably snow tonight…  🙂 

We transplanted broccolini this morning in the calm–three beds at the end of the Gothic high tunnel–and Lloyd and Erica covered them with shade cloth this afternoon to protect the new plants from the wind.  (We have the row cover in the bed, too, for tonight which may be frigid!)

Yesterday morning we filled half of the Gothic with broccolini including 2 varieties of Spring Raab, maturity lengths from 30 to 58 days. The other half of the high tunnel has been planted with 3 varieties of spinach already showing their second set of leaves!  Hope to have broccoli and spinach in May for Thursday sales at Bee Healthy! I love seeing things grow in the SPRING! But more than that I love EATING fresh foods, locally GROWN in the Spring!

Sunday I made Mushroom and Garlic Chowder from a recipe at !  Mushrooms are NEW to me–The soup was a pleasant surprise!  We had 11 guests that sampled the soup–I didn’t know what to expect, after all mushrooms are either loved or hated by most and an acquired taste for many!  Overall the response was positive with NO leftovers!  Son #1, who does not like mushrooms, cleaned his bowl…Son #2 took one taste and sent it back to the kitchen…but the biggest surprise was The Farmer!  He cleaned his bowl and came back for seconds!

This was a great experience in learning about Gourmet mushrooms!  First, the recipe had simple ingredients (and I could substitute celeriac for celery, leeks for onions, and roasted garlic for garlic).  Second, it was easy to make (even with the modifications I always make…my family calls that Terri’s Surprise).  Third, it was creamy and full of flavor (nothing I would have expected based on my past experience with  White and Crimini mushrooms)! Recipe #65 on our recipe page at

It so happened the Mycopia Chef’s Sampler I used had the Alba and Brown Clamshell mushrooms (small little buttons in white and brown with long stems) and the Mitake Frondosa (color and texture of the oyster mushroom, but lots of fluting). I’m thinking it was the Mitake that contributed to the creamy texture–

I suspect there is a whole new world of mushrooms out there for us to explore! Hmmmmm–makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  Looking forward to replicating the recipe again…maybe tomorrow when it is winter again…or maybe RIGHT NOW!

See you Thursday at Bee Healthy–And don’t forget to sign up for the CSA that starts in July….more opportunity for food adventures!  The Farmer’s Wife



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