Friday Boxes at Bee Healthy– April 13th!~


No joke!  We have 5 Friday Special Boxes we put together for Pick Up tomorrow at Bee Healthy– too many left-overs today!  Reserve yours by texting 431-1219–

All Organic–$25:  Pint Blackberries, Large Lemon, Snap Peas– 12 oz., Broccoli and Cauliflower, 1# bag Bunny Luv Carrots, bundle Green Onions, Head of Living Butter Lettuce. ($28 Value–)

Pick Up a CSA Agreement, too, and get signed up for the Veggies this summer..  Lloyd Craft Farms Garden…Thursday Pick Up’s and an opportunity to shop at The Store!  Prepay by May 5th and get a Voucher to use to shop The Store.  Costs for Shares are $100 – $400, depending on the frequency of pickup and whether you extend it into mid-October–  Monthly to Weekly.    Check it out at , CSA Tab.

The Farmer’s Wife!

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