Thursday at Bee Healthy!- April 12th


GROUP B- Administrator’s Special Box–Lots of Fruit and COLOR for Spring
FRUIT: Champagne MangoKiwiPineapple, and ORG Strawberries
ORG Cucumber, ORG Green Onion, ORG Roma Tomatoes, ORG RAINBOW Carrots (2# bag),  Organic Girl Super Spinach– 5 oz clamshell,
ORG Sweet Potato MIX:  RED Garnet or ORANGE Beauregard, PURPLE Japanese Murasaki & WHITE  (I think O’Henry!)– 3#                     $25

LOTS Of Fruits and Veggies again this week!  Stop in and BUY–FRESH and 99% organic!  Reasonably priced– SPECIAL this WEEK:  8 oz clamshell of Jalapenos for all you Poppers LOVERS!  

Lady Alice Apples are done…good box of sweet, firm, and crunchy ORG Fuji Apples–$2.25/#,   ORG Blackberries– 1 pint….$4.75,    More ORG Strawberries– 1#…..$6.50,         ORG LARGE Lemons, ORG Limes for juicing whole and CONV Limes, Grapefruit, Heirloom Oranges, Halo Tangerines, Champagne Mangoes, Tropicana Pineapple, Kiwi, and Large and Small Avocados

All VEGGIEs and GREENs ORGANICBroccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Brussels sproutsGreen Beans and Snap PeasPotatoes and Onions including PURPLE spuds and Yukon’s, Jicama, Russian Banana FingerlingsCaesar Salad Kit, Living Butter head, Romaine, Organic Girl Salads (50/50, Supergreens, Baby Spinach), Black Lacinato Kale, Rainbow Swiss Chard–Surprise BUTTERNUT Squash!  AND MUCH MORE in cucumbers and peppers of all kinds!

Herbs and Mushroomscilantro, parsley, mint, oregano, basil, turmeric and ginger roots, Poultry Medley….WHEATGRASS CUPSOyster Mushrooms, and Mycopia Chef’s Sampler with Alba and Trumpet Royale Specialty Mushrooms.

Check out full listing at , ‘What Produce at Buyer’s Group’ tab under Buyer’s Group page.  REMEMBER!  Produce sales are NOT restricted to the members of BUYER’s GROUP but OPEN to the PUBLIC!

Come in and shop!  Check out joining the CSA for the summer months!  The Farmer’s Wife

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