Congratulations to all you adventurous folks who purchased Mycopia Specialty Mushrooms this week!  I hope you were able to take the handout called ‘Tips for Specialty Mushrooms: Roasting’ and can glean from it!  If not, you can retrieve information at including additional recipes and information on the different specialty mushrooms in the Chef’s Sampler and the Specialty Trio?  The internet is a must when we are on a culinary adventure, and specific sites can share so much more on their own products!

I’m opening up my mushrooms tonight to blot out what appears to be a build up of moisture on the Forest Nameko.  They may have a higher moisture content than the others in the packet.  My plan is to use my ‘shrooms up within the week!  Fresher is always BETTER–Roasting some tonight, and then going to try one with a white sauce.

You may have noted the Specialty Trio has a different mushroom than pictured originally–it looks to me like the Maitake Frondosa took the place of Nebrodini Bianco!  Pretty exciting–I’ve read about Maitake before–ENJOY!!!  


Let me know what your experiences are–just post here on the blog!  The Farmer’s Wife…on a Mushroom Excursion!

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