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Clarification– GROUP A BOXES tomorrow–


GROUP A:  ADMINISTRATOR’s  SPECIAL BOXES for the Buyer’s Group tomorrow (Group A is the first and third Thursday’s)

NO FRIDAY SPECIAL BOXES that are put together from surplus after Thursday’s at Bee Healthy–usually sold through FACEBOOK

GROUP B:  ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL BOXES…Next week...still the second and fourth Thursday’s.

5th THURSDAY SPECIAL BOXES...the ones you sign up for…will be May 31st (We just finished the 5th THURSDAY SPECIAL BOXES for March)


See you tomorrow–The Farmer’s Wife





No time for SPECIAL BOXES this week…so come and shop now! 

Bee Healthy, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland, 10:00 a.m. to 5;30 p.m. 

99% USDA certified Organic, and 1% Heirloom Oranges, Del Monte Pineapple, Limes, Champagne Mangoes, and Large Avocados that are conventionally raised.  I’ve gone overboard on the stock…we ran short the last two Thursday’s so I may have overcompensated! :d

Avocado SPECIAL–$1.50 each or 2/$2.75.   ORG Cauliflower SPECIAL $3.75 a head.  Shishito Peppers are BACK!  Poblano Peppers for the FIRST TIME!  Juicy and full SNAP PEAS!  Great looking ASPARAGUS!  MORE BRUSSELS SPROUTS!  NEW WHEATGRASS CUPS!  AND LOTS**LOTS**of GREENS–ALL Organic–

Foods high in anthocyanin, purple or red pigmentation in foods that are said to help fight cancer: ORG Purple Potatoes and ORG Strawberries.  Nutrient dense GREENS: ORG Kale and  ORG Wheatgrass cups.  You know–Eat well to feel well!  

So DON’T WAIT FOR A THURSDAY/FRIDAY POST ABOUT SPECIAL BOXES—ain’t happening this week!  Come and buy FIRST HAND on Thursday at Bee Healthy!  The Farmer’s Wife