Thursday at BEE HEALTHY– Fresh Produce!


What do we think of in the Spring?  Eggs of many colors, new flowers in yellows and pinks, and the soft green of fresh leaves….We have color, too,  for the SPRING this Thursday at Bee Healthy!

Purple Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Watermelon Radishes (Green outside, Hot Pink inside), Red Round Radishes, Orange Sweet Bell Peppers, Scarlet Curly Kale, Rosy Red Strawberries, Yellow Lemons, Green to Yellow Bananas, and Sweet Potatoes in three colors- Red, Purple, White!

Lots of fresh herbs…Mushrooms of all kinds…and MORE!  (Gourmet Mushroom Order should be IN!)

See you Thursday at Bee Healty, 635 Big Horn Ave, Worland, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Best selection earlier in the day!    The Farmer’s Wife

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