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Buyer’s Group at BEE HEALTHY- May 3rd– Walk-in’s WELCOME


This is the last week to take advantage of the Vouchers for The Store–Join the CSA before May 5th and get a voucher on us to use at Pick Up day!  CSA Agreements are at Bee Healthy.  Information can be found at– Cost, what to expect, and how to join…  All the memberships are applied to the input costs of the garden–support local and fresh! 

Buyer’s Group A this week:  3# bag Halo’s, ORG Washington State Asparagus, ORG Leeks (with cleaning directions and suggestions on how to cook), ORG Cucumber and ORG Green Bell Pepper, ORG 1# bag Carrots, 3# bag ORG Red Potatoes, and ORG Living Butter Lettuce Head$25

Check out the updated list of goodies at , What Produce at Buyer’s Group page, under the Buyer’s Group tab.

NEW ITEMS THIS WEEK:  Living Basil, Meyer Lemons and ORG Lemons and Limes, Mangoes and ORG Champagne Mangoes, ORG Rainbow Carrots (2# bag), ORG Mint for your sun tea, ORG Green Onions, ORG Snap Peas, Taylor Farms Asian Salad Kits, Organic Girl Spinach/Arugula Mix and Organic Girl Super Spinach, ORG Tofu…the Mycopia Gourmet Mushrooms are back!

MORE Gem and Hass Avocados, Halo tangerines, Lady Alice Apples and Heirloom Oranges, Tropicana Pineapples, Turmeric root, ORG Blackberries and ORG Strawberries, ORG Broccolini, ORG Red Butter Lettuce heads, ORG Portabella Mushrooms, and the Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix.

May is the last month of Thursday’s at Bee Healthy…we take June off and then the real thing happens!  (The CSA with veggie shares every Thursday, July through mid-October–)

See you THURSDAY at The Bee– The Farmer’s Wife 

Friday Special BOXES at Bee Healthy- Friday, April 27th


We had a great day, but too many left-overs to try to hold until next week…we want to keep the produce we sell as fresh as possible and that means moving  what we can!  So, we have 5 FRIDAY SPECIAL BOXES for sale and pick up FRIDAY at Bee Healthy, reserve by texting 431-1219.

BOXES contain Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, 1# bag Carrots, Leeks (easy to use onion type), 2# Yukon/Red Potatoes, and 4 Lady Alice Apples—all USDA ORGANIC.  Box cost–$25

Thanks for all the folks that stopped by today to shop, and thanks to Buyer’s Group that makes this possible!  The Farmer’s Wife

Thursday at Bee Healthy! April 26th



Thursday is Market Day at Bee Healthy!  Stop in and visit us, shop Bee Healthy, pick up some of the Diamond S Delights raw milk products, and get signed up for the Summer Garden CSA!  One stop shop!  Two more Boxes in May, and then we are done for the season.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Fifth Thursday if you would like the last box on May 31st–Group A and B are signed up for the first through fourth Thursday’s.  

Group B Boxes ready to go, but NO ORG Cherry Tomatoes…had to send them back! Box Price is adjusted to $21.50. We had to make some other adjustments on the cucumber, lettuce, and lemons–Value is still the same but the contents are slightly different.  More information when you pick UP!  

Speaking of TOMATOES…Can’t wait to have our own!  All the tomato plants are growing in the greenhouse, and ready to plant in the garden in May when this cold weather is GONE!  The first tomatoes ready for the CSA will be the Five Star Grape and Yellow Cherry Tomatoes…then the Artisan Cherry Tomatoes in all their shapes, colors, and flavors.  Some early season varieties for this year are the Valley Girl and Early Girl, Celebrity for the Canner’s and case sales.  A new Heirloom for 2018 is the Cherokee Green to join the pink German Johnson, black Carbon, and yellow Striped German Johnson.  We’ve also started a flat of Brandywine that average a pound each at harvest!  We will have the small deep red Bolseno again, which we hope to try in the greenhouse for the late fall through winter for next year’s Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome.  I bet you didn’t know tomatoes could have so many flavors, colors, and sizes! We should have them in abundance July until the frost–both in the Shares and for sale in The Store at Pick UP!

Don’t wait too long to join the CSA, only a set amount of Shares available!  Buyer’s Group finishes in May, we take June off to get the garden ready, and then we start up again with fresh produce, but this time THE REAL THING, local and fresh from our GARDEN!  


See you Thursday!  The Farmer’s Wife


asparagus 2

Another EXCITING Week for organics and fresh produce!  Somethings are NEW, somethings are RETURNING, and somethings are just a plain GOOD price!!


Lloyd Craft Farms Thyme– 1 oz zip-bag……………………………$1.75 each

ORG Portabella Mushrooms“Burger Size” and a recipe…….$6.00 (6 oz package)

ORG Red Butter Lettuce heads……………………………………………….$2.00 each

ORG Rainbow Beets– 1# bag……………………………………………………$3.00 each

Gem Avocadoslarger size- first harvest, fresh…………………….$3.25 each

ORG Washington Asparagus– 1# bundle…………………………………$6.75 each

Meyer Lemons-1# bag- juicy and sweet!………………………………….$4.00 each


ORG Lady Alice Applesfirm and crunchy…………$2.50/#

ORG Blackberries-pint- high in anthocyanin!……………..$5.25 each

ORG Strawberries– 1# clamshell…………………………………..$5.50 each

Taylor Farms prepackaged Green Beans– 12 oz bag……………$5.00 each

ORG Shishito PeppersNOT HOT, but sweet and paper thin skin– 1 pint……..$5.00 each

ORG Broccolini, bundled……………………………………………………$3.00 each


ORG Broccoli.………………………………..$3.50 each

ORG Cauliflower………………………….$5.50 each

ORG Brussels sprouts-1# bag……………………$4.50 each

ORG Leeks-1# size………………………………………..$3.00 each

ORG Medium Yellow Onions-3# bag…………….$4.00 each

Heirloom Oranges– select CA orchards…………………$1.50/#


CHECK OUT THE FULL LISTING OF ALL ITEMS FOR SALE AT , Buyer’s Group tab, What Produce at Buyer’s Group page– The Farmer’s Wife


Less than 2 Weeks to Join the CSA and get a GIFT!

The CSA is filling up!  But more than that you have less than 2 weeks to join, pay in full, and get a “Voucher” to use at The Store on Pick Up day at The Farm starting in July.  Vouchers are a Gift Certificate from us to you!  Act before May 4th. 

Your Membership pays the input costs for the garden, and some of the labor or capital projects (new greenhouse, Gothic high tunnel, improvements to the existing high tunnel and greenhouse).  The cost to JOIN is from $100 to $400 depending on HOW OFTEN you want a Share (weekly to once a month) and the NUMBER of Shares (3 Shares to 15 Shares).  Additional information is at , CSA tab. 

CSA Agreements can be picked up at Bee Healthy during their business hours or by emailing me at  Current Members can request an EXTENSION by email or text. All agreements can be returned to Bee Healthy on Thursday’s when we are there with the PRODUCE, or mailed to 1049 Washakie Ten, Worland–

The CSA is usually up and going the first or second week in July.    Diamond S Delights will again be at Thursday Pick Up at The Farm with their raw milk and cheeses.  We also will continue to carry Blue Heron Ranch eggs!  And The Store will be in full swing with its has fruit, specialty veggies, greens, herbs, mushrooms, and other unique items!   Awww–Market Day at The Farm every Thursday from July through mid-October–

Consider and act!  Thanking you for your community support–  The Farmer’s Wife!

Group B at Bee Healthy Thursday, April 26th…and Walk-in’s Welcome!


This Thursday at Bee Healthy is Group B:  Gem Avocado (fresh harvest!) and 1# Meyer Lemons (limes are available to buy as well as more avocados for guacamole!), also 4# bag Heirloom Oranges.  ORG Broccoli and ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans (washed and ready to go!), ORG Cucumber and ORG Cherry Tomatoes to add to your salad of ORG Red Butter head lettuce (other greens for sale!)$25 

SPECIAL NOTICE:  Spokane Produce ORG ROMAINE LETTUCE is from Salinas, California and not contaminated with e. Coli.  The contaminated Romaine is from Yuma, Arizona.  You can eat OUR lettuce and should NOT throw it out as is being advised in the news headlines.  The CDC states if you don’t know where your lettuce is from to not eat it!  But we know!  🙂  

I’m updating the Produce List under the Buyer’s Group tab (What Produce at Buyer’s Group page) and will have it posted before noon.  I hope this helps in your shopping plans!  Each item includes a number in brackets that lets you know how many are available– e.g. (10).  We want Market Day at Bee Healthy on Thursday’s to be a great experience for you!  Boxes are for those in Group B, BUT we have shelves upon shelves of other fresh goodies for sale to everyone!

The Farmer’s Wife


Bee Healthy- Thursday April 19th


…tomorrow is Market Day at Bee Healthy– Some things to note!

  1. Company sent the WRONG Mushrooms!  Instead of Gourmet Specialty from Mycopia, they sent sliced tri-mix medley:  White, Crimini, and Oyster.  Will be selling at my cost!
  2. Avocados!  We have made the switch from Large avocados back to the Smaller ones…why?  Browning on the inside–this winter I switched from smaller to the larger under the assumption that the larger were not being chilled in transit.  Now the larger are showing browned insides and the smaller seems to be better.  Maybe it’s an issue of fresh harvest?  If so, the smaller ones are in fresh harvest and the larger are coming to the tail end of their season.
  3. One Extra VEGGIE Box for sale tomorrow:  2# ORG Yukon Potatoes, pint of ORG Cherry Tomatoes, 4# bag Heirloom Oranges, 2 Avocado & 2 Limes, and 1# ORG Meyer Lemons…ORG Cucumber and ORG Romaine Lettuce, ORG Green Onions…$25
  4. CiTRUS is a good source of natural Vitamin C.  Vitamin C, among other things, is a good anti-viral.  Vitamin C is water-soluble and does not always survive the concentration process used for supplements, or is lost in the digestive system.  Best C is fresh C with grapefruit having the highest concentration of Vitamin C.
  5. Recall on Romaine lettuce does not apply to the Romaine Lettuce we have for sale or in the Boxes.  Recall for e. Coli applies to lettuce from Arizona that was chopped and put into bagged salads.
  6. Got a new Shipment of ORG Brussels sprouts–we bagged it ourselves this week and it looks so FRESH!
  7. Also a new Shipment of ORG Baby Bok Choi–and we bagged it ourselves and it looks so FRESH!!
  8. NO BLACKBERRIES–zero shipped this week. 🙁
  9. Look up the word refers to the purple or red coloring in fruits and veggies.  Some studies have supported the idea that anthocyanin is a super antioxidant and good for us!  I have Purple Cabbage, Red Kale, Red Carrots in the Rainbow carrot mix, Strawberries, and PURPLE POTATOES that would be good things to add to your diet.  All ORGANIC.  Need to move the POTATOES…they know it is Spring (though it is still cold and snowed yesterday) and want to GROW!


See you 
Thursday….at Bee Healthy…10-5:30…lots of choices of good food, better selection earlier in the day…pick up CSA Agreements, too!    The Farmer’s Wife

Monday Update and a word about MUSHROOMS!

Chief-Samp-Wht  Maitake-on-Wht.png

What a windy day…warm…but windy! Springtime in Wyoming…probably snow tonight…  🙂 

We transplanted broccolini this morning in the calm–three beds at the end of the Gothic high tunnel–and Lloyd and Erica covered them with shade cloth this afternoon to protect the new plants from the wind.  (We have the row cover in the bed, too, for tonight which may be frigid!)

Yesterday morning we filled half of the Gothic with broccolini including 2 varieties of Spring Raab, maturity lengths from 30 to 58 days. The other half of the high tunnel has been planted with 3 varieties of spinach already showing their second set of leaves!  Hope to have broccoli and spinach in May for Thursday sales at Bee Healthy! I love seeing things grow in the SPRING! But more than that I love EATING fresh foods, locally GROWN in the Spring!

Sunday I made Mushroom and Garlic Chowder from a recipe at !  Mushrooms are NEW to me–The soup was a pleasant surprise!  We had 11 guests that sampled the soup–I didn’t know what to expect, after all mushrooms are either loved or hated by most and an acquired taste for many!  Overall the response was positive with NO leftovers!  Son #1, who does not like mushrooms, cleaned his bowl…Son #2 took one taste and sent it back to the kitchen…but the biggest surprise was The Farmer!  He cleaned his bowl and came back for seconds!

This was a great experience in learning about Gourmet mushrooms!  First, the recipe had simple ingredients (and I could substitute celeriac for celery, leeks for onions, and roasted garlic for garlic).  Second, it was easy to make (even with the modifications I always make…my family calls that Terri’s Surprise).  Third, it was creamy and full of flavor (nothing I would have expected based on my past experience with  White and Crimini mushrooms)! Recipe #65 on our recipe page at

It so happened the Mycopia Chef’s Sampler I used had the Alba and Brown Clamshell mushrooms (small little buttons in white and brown with long stems) and the Mitake Frondosa (color and texture of the oyster mushroom, but lots of fluting). I’m thinking it was the Mitake that contributed to the creamy texture–

I suspect there is a whole new world of mushrooms out there for us to explore! Hmmmmm–makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  Looking forward to replicating the recipe again…maybe tomorrow when it is winter again…or maybe RIGHT NOW!

See you Thursday at Bee Healthy–And don’t forget to sign up for the CSA that starts in July….more opportunity for food adventures!  The Farmer’s Wife



GROUP A- April 19th Bee Healthy THURSDAY!


The goodies have been ordered for Thursday at Bee Healthy and the “What Produce at Buyer’s Group” page has been updated!  (Check it out under the Buyer’s Group Page at — It’s a list of what we expect to have, an indicated price, and the quantity available.)   

REMEMBER:  Walk-In’s Welcome!  CSA Agreements can be turned in and questions answered.  Agreements are available at Bee Healthy any day of the week!  (And also on Thursday’s in the back where we are! OR by email request to

(I’ll have more information on the SPECIALS this week on Monday!  Stay tuned–)

GROUP A- Administrator’s Special BOX– $25
2 Avocadoes and 2 Limes, 1# ORG Meyer’s Lemons, 4# Heirloom OrangesFRUIT
ORG Cucumber, ORG Cherry Tomatoes-1 pint, ORG Green Onions, ORG Romaine Lettuce headfor your salad this week…ORG Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes OR Yukon Potatoes (first come first serve) 🙂

The Farmer’s Wife!



Friday Boxes at Bee Healthy– April 13th!~


No joke!  We have 5 Friday Special Boxes we put together for Pick Up tomorrow at Bee Healthy– too many left-overs today!  Reserve yours by texting 431-1219–

All Organic–$25:  Pint Blackberries, Large Lemon, Snap Peas– 12 oz., Broccoli and Cauliflower, 1# bag Bunny Luv Carrots, bundle Green Onions, Head of Living Butter Lettuce. ($28 Value–)

Pick Up a CSA Agreement, too, and get signed up for the Veggies this summer..  Lloyd Craft Farms Garden…Thursday Pick Up’s and an opportunity to shop at The Store!  Prepay by May 5th and get a Voucher to use to shop The Store.  Costs for Shares are $100 – $400, depending on the frequency of pickup and whether you extend it into mid-October–  Monthly to Weekly.    Check it out at , CSA Tab.

The Farmer’s Wife!