5th Thursday Special BOXES! Want one? Reserve it now for MARCH 29th–


March 29th is a 5th Thursday–What does that mean?  It means that ANYONE can reserve a box of fruits and veggies…Members of the Buyer’s Group or Facebook Friends or Walk-in Customers or Newbies to the Basin…ANYONE!  (FYI–Group A next box is April 5th, Group B next box is April 12th)

5th Thursday Special Box (March)–2# Heirloom Oranges, 2# ORG Red Potatoes, our own Sierra Blanca White onion (medium), 12 oz bag of ORG Mini-Rainbow Carrots, head of ORG Cauliflower, 12 oz bag Taylor Farms ORG Green Beans (ready to eat), ORG Cucumber, pint ORG Heirloom Cherry Tomato Mix, and Organic Girl 50/50 Salad Mix (5 oz)– $25  ($6 Savings)

Reserve NOW to pick up your Special Box at Bee Healthy next Thursday, March 29th!  Text 431-1219, email craftterri@rtconnect.net, or post at our Facebook page. 

While at Bee Healthy next Thursday take the opportunity to check out the summer veggie program at Lloyd Craft Farms by joining the CSA:  Prepay to support the garden, and reap the benefits July through September.  

Have a great Weekend!  The Farmer’s Wife


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