PRODUCE THURSDAY at BEE HEALTHY! Group B–Walk-in’s Welcome!

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It has been a CRAzy WEEK—but I am home…and so is my 82 year old mama!  Welcome back to Wyoming MAMA!  I am a little behinder, so will spend today getting a little aheader!  Back to serving my community with Fruits and VEGGIES…I love the good produce–know you do too!  (Don’t forget to sign up for the Summer CSA for the REAL thing–fresh and locally grown!)

We have MORE of the same produce, a little light on the fruit end (ordering while traveling on the road is a challenge)Fruits on hand are ORG Bananas, those Large Hass Avocados, Tropicana Pineapple, Citrus, and a whole case of the ORG Lady Alice Apples!  MOST of the same veggies we carry weekly and greens, including Swiss Chard for $1.75 a bundle.  Case of ORG Mixed Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, ORG English Cucumbers, ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans…and MORE! (Heirloom Oranges and Strawberries NEXT WEEK—the FIFTH THURSDAY.) 

GROUP B ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL BOX 2# Lady Alice Organic Apples, 1# ORG Japanese Oriental Sweet Potatoes (purple on the outside, white on the inside…add more for a meal for more than one), ORG 1# bag of Brussels sprouts (with recipe), ORG Sweet Yellow Bell Pepper and ORG English Cucumber (more cucumbers for sale, too!), ORG Heirloom Mixed Tomatoes(pint-Cherry), ORG 1# bag Carrots, our own Red Zeppelin onions, and Organic Girl Baby Spinach (with recipe) $25

 REMEMBER TO SIGN UP FOR THE 5TH THURSDAY SPECIAL BOX FOR March 29th—With a 5th Thursday in March it means it will be an extra week without a box for either Group A  or Group B.  Group A’s next box is April 5th, and Group B is April 12th.  You do not need to be a member of the Buyer’s Group to sign up for the 5th Thursday Special Box—$25 (Anticipated contents to be posted Friday, March 23rd.)

Check out the Gourmet Mushroom Order sheet, too.  Two Mixes of Organic Mushrooms to order from:  Varieties included are clamshells, trumpets, Forest Nameko, and Velvet Pioppini.  I’ll also have Crimini and Oyster for sale this week!

See you tomorrow!  Deadline for the  5th Thursday Special Box, and Gourmet Mushrooms is March 23rd for Pick Up on March 29th!!   The Farmer’s Wife


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