Swiss Chard, Lady Alice Apples, & Other fresh, crisp Veggies and Fruits at Bee Healthy tomorrow–Thursday!


We are almost ready for tomorrow at Bee Healthy!  Produce sorted and bagged, fruit checked for spoilers, and everything boxed and ready for the trip to town!  So EXCITING!  I love the opportunity for good produce–hope you do too!

We have MORE of the same great produce…ORG Strawberries, ORG Asparagus, 4# bag or 38# Case of Heirloom Oranges, and ORG Romanesco (geometric shaped green cauliflower type Brassica)Shishito Peppers (hope you tasted this delicacy–roasted or raw dipped in Diamond S Delights Kefir Herb Spread!)…Check out the giant ORG Fennel Bulbs, too!…ORG Greens:  ORG Living Butterhead Lettuce, ORG Red Head Lettuce, Organic Girl Baby Spinach, Organic Girl Salad Mix with Herbs, three kinds of ORG Kale, as well an an OVERSTOCK of ORG Rainbow Swiss Chard

I ordered 3 Swiss Chard, the company sent a CASE…so price on ORG Rainbow Swiss Chard is $1.75…with a FREE Swiss Chard Salad recipe…I have the Red Beets, Lemon, and Cucumber to buy…Janet at Bee Healthy has Pure Maple Syrup, Dried Cranberries, and Sunflower seeds from Bee Healthy to finish out the recipe…you need only supply the oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper!)  

NEW ITEMS this week are ORG Heirloom Mixed Tomatoes (Cherry sized), ORG English Cucumbers, and ORG Lady Alice Apples from Washington state!

GROUP A ADMINISTRATOR’S SPECIAL BOX 2# Lady Alice Organic Apples, 1# ORG Japanese Oriental Sweet Potatoes (purple on the outside, white on the inside…more available to buy), ORG 1# bag of Brussels sprouts (with recipe), ORG Sweet Yellow Bell Pepper and ORG English Cucumber (more cucumbers for sale, too!), ORG Heirloom Mixed Tomatoes (pint-Cherry), ORG 1# bag Carrots, our own yellow Boretanna Cipollini onions (either a large or bag of smalls), and Organic Girl Baby Spinach (with recipe) $25

See you there!  And don’t forget to sign up to try some of the Gourmet Mushrooms and a 5th Thursday Special Box, both on March 29th!!   The Farmer’s Wife




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