Calling all MUSHROOM Lovers! AND order your 5th Thursday Special Box–


March 29th is the 5th Thursday–Two wonderful things are happening! 

FIRST:  5th Thursday Special Boxes.  5th Thursday is OPEN!  Either Group A or B can sign up for that extra box, and we also OPEN IT UP TO THOSE NOT CURRENTLY IN THE BUYER’S GROUP!  Sign Up Sheet is on the wall–add your name and your text contact number! Box items will be posted next week.  (DEADLINE 3/23/2018)

SECOND:  Gourmet Mushrooms!  So…this Thursday and next, there will be a Sign Up Sheet on the wall to ORDER Specialty Mushrooms. (ORDER Deadline 3/23/2018)

There are 2 choices– order will be based on the one (or ones) with the most interest.

Here’s a summary (with pictures)–NEED 5 INTERESTED TO ORDER ANY CASE:


Chef’s SamplerBrown Clamshell, Alba Clamshell, Velvet Pioppini, and Trumpet Royale….$7.75 each Sampler


Specialty TrioForest Nameko, Nebrodini Bianco, Velvet Pioppini.….$9.00 each Trio


Visit for more information on the specialty mushrooms including recipes!  With your order will be a sheet on Roasting Mushrooms.  You can order an Education’s Mushroom Growth Kit from Mycopia for as little as $19.95– CHECK IT OUT!  


The Farmer’s Wife–looking forward to exploring ‘the fugus amongst us’!




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