No Matter What I Say…and other IMPORTANT Trevia–


No matter what I say Group A is this week (1st and 3rd Thursday)!  Group B is always the 2nd and 4th Thursday…which brings up another point:  March has FIVE (5) Thursday’s…So March 29th is the FIFTH THURSDAY!

  • FIFTH THURSDAY is for Group A or Group B or ANYONE ELSE that signs up to PICK UP a 5th THURSDAY SPECIAL BOX on March 29th!  Items to be posted later, cost $25.  So, text me, let me know Thursday, or send me an email…431-1219, March 15th or March 22nd,  (If you post on our FACEBOOK page I should get it, too!)
  • March 29th is also going to be Gourmet Mushroom Dayhow fun does that sound for you mushroom lovers?  Spokane Organics has started carrying some really unique mushrooms, but not everyone is a mushroom connoisseur so I just stick with Crimini or White for Thursday’s Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome…and sometimes Portabello’s.  But let me know if you would like to try the SPECIALITY mushrooms and I’ll add your name to the list for the 29th.  Deadline to order is March 23rd.  More info to follow on types of mushrooms and the cost…
  • LAST ITEM:  Sign up for the CSA!  This is our own garden goods July through the fall–13 or 15 week option!  Pick Up is every Thursday at The Farm for members- sorry can’t accomodate Walk-in’s in the summer.  3 types of memberships:  Weekly (1 Share-13 or 15 Shares), every other week (Leap-Frog- 7 or 8 Shares), or Monthly (3 or 4 Shares).

    Please note:  the purpose of the Monthly is for CSA membership.  The Store will not have the same variety of veggies as the CSA Shares, but it will have eggs, herbs, spinach and lettuce, fruit, and some of our specialty veggies.  Monthly Share is a good option for those who have their own gardens but want to supplement with organic grocery items, and shop for the whole dairy that day.  (All members have access to the EXTRA’s Table –surplus cucumbers, zucchini, & peppers, sometimes broccolettes, Diamond S Delights, and The Store every Thursday, even if it’s not your week to pick up a SHARE!)  

  • Lloyd Craft Farms offers lots of opportunities for great food–Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome, the CSA (all local, fresh, and organically raised!), and Fall Friday Special Boxes (6 weeks in Nov and Dec with our freshly harvested and stored garden goodies)! That’s 11 months out of a year of fresh, organic, and mostly local grown!  Follow us at and get the information right into your email, or Like Us on Facebook:  Lloyd Craft Farms–
  • CSA Agreements are at Bee Healthy.  check out pricing and terms at ,  CSA tab.  I am there every Thursday to answer questions or help you sign up!  We do not have CSA Agreements on-line (limited to 100 shares), and payment is cash or check (PayPal on-line with a fee).  *Current members need to complete an EXTENSION.
  • For our friends and members outside of Worland who will not make it to The Farm we are developing the Special Box Program (Box of veggies but no Thursday Pick Up at The Farm benefits).  More information to follow–Same veggies, delivery schedule, but slightly different payment arrangements and membership status.


That’s all folks!  The daffy Farmer’s Wife– ;/

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  1. Posted by Diana Gulas on March 12, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Regarding mushrooms: Lions Mane available?

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