Saturday List of ITEMS for Thursday at Bee Healthy–AND Group A ADM SPECIAL BOXES


The sun is still shining!  Wahooooooooo~we’ve had to turn the refrigeration on in the cooler…it’s been lightly heated during the winter months to store the onions, potatoes, and celeriac…cabbage is now gone…onions are thinning out…and the only potatoes left are seed potatoes for the 2018 Garden…AND, oh yes! Don’t forget to sign up for the CSA Thursday at Bee Healthy!  Only 100 Shares available–

This Week’s shelves will be stocked with all of the same, PLUS ORG Lady Alice Apples, ORG Japanese Sweet Potatoes, ORG Heirloom Mixed Tomatoes (in the pint), ORG English Cucumbers, ORG Green Kale and Red Kale, as well as the ORG Black Lacinato Kale…We’ll have MORE of the Large Avocados, ORG Strawberries, ORG Asparagus, ORG Romanesco (try this cauliflower/broccoli cousin…same anti-oxidant, super health properties), ORG Shishito peppers (hope you enjoyed them in the boxes!), and ORG Taylor Farms Green Beans (back after a shortage last week due to rains in Mexico)check out the complete list under the Buyer’s Group Tab at .


2# ORG Lady Alice Apples (also carried at Costco!), 1# ORG Japanese Sweet Potatoes (nice subtle sweetness and good moisture balance), ORG Brussels Sprouts (1# bag), ORG Yellow Bell Pepper, ORG English Cucumber, ORG Carrots (1# bag), our own Cipollini onions (either Yellow Barentana or Red Marble), ORG Heirloom Tomato Mix (1 pint), and Organic Girl Baby Spinach (5 oz clamshell)$25  (Includes Info Sheet!)


Happy Saturday!  See you Thursday at Bee Healthy!  The Farmer’s Wife

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