Thursday’s at Bee Healthy– Group B! February 22nd, 2018

Greetings!  Hope you are in the house this fine Saturday, sitting in front of a roaring fire!!  I AM!  Placed the order with Spokane Produce for this Thursday and wrote myself a note to check and prep the potatoes, celeriac, and onions to include from Lloyd Craft Farms!       So here is some NEWS! 

NEW ITEMS this week: 

FRUIT:  3# bags of ORG Pink Lady Apples ($5.00), last of the smaller Heirloom Oranges (4# bag-$6.50), ORG Grapefruit as well as the last of the Rio Star Grapefruit out of Texas, ORG STRAWBERRIES– 1# clamshell ($5.75), more large Avocados ($2.25) and more ORG Bananas ($1.00/#)

A NOTE:  I didn’t order any small avocados this week, but more of the larger which seemed to better handle the cooler weather during shipping…Going to be cold Monday and Tuesday!  Also, banana sales were down and I ended up with 6 bundles of bananas (it was a 6 banana smoothie this morning!)–wanted everyone to know the bananas were delicious though they looked a little rough on the outside!  You can’t always judge a banana by its cover.  🙂  When the skins get chilled they brown, but the skin protects the banana inside.  When Spokane brings bananas they are shipped in a different section of the truck with an insulated blanket to protect them from the 36 degree temps in the refrigerated trailer. They have looked pretty rough all winter– but overall the quality inside has been good!

VEGGIES:  1/2# bag ORG Snap Peas ($3.75), 5# bag ORG Yukon Potatoes ($5.50–we will still have ours for $4.50), ORG Rainbow Carrots (2# bag-$3.00), our own Cosmic Carrot Wafers (1/2# bag- $1.00), ORG Watermelon Radishes ($3.00 each), ORG Rubie-on-Vine Tomatoes (1#-$6.50 each), ORG Zucchini and ORG Sunburst Summer Squash, and ORG Asparagus (1# bundle- $4.25 each).

GREENS AND MISC:  ORG Mushroom Medley (1/2# sliced mushroom mix-$4.50), ORG Fresh Express Caesar Salad Kit ($3.75), and from Organic Girl their Baby Arugula, Baby Spinach, and Supergreens ($4.00)!

MORE Turmeric and Ginger Root, and all those wonderful fresh foods for our healthy bodies…even in the dead of winter!  Think anti-oxidants, anthocyanin (a good thing), nutrient dense broccoli and cauliflower and kale, and lots of freshness!




ORG Red Pears (recipe for German Pear Pancake–custard type dessert) and large Avocado, ORG Cauliflower and ORG Leek (recipe for Cauliflower Soup–good thing for a cold day…need cashews!), ORG Rubie-on-Vine Tomatoes and ORG Cucumber and ORG Green Bell Pepper and ORG Romaine Lettuce (all for your salad this week), and ORG Asparagus (recipe for simple cream sauce for Creamed Asparagus on Toast…or rice…or noodles)–ALSO A SURPRISE WITH A RECIPE!–$25  

Looking forward, NEVER back!  The Farmer’s Wife–

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