Tomorrow–Feb 15th–Bee Healthy–Group A!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  And happy winter, too!  Tomorrow we will be at Bee Healthy from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Members and Walk-In’s Welcome– Best selection earlier in the day–

EXTRA’s include Strawberries (8-1# clamshells), Mushroom Medley (6-6 oz containers), more of the juicy and sweet larger Halo’s (12-3# bags), first season Asparagus (11-1# bundles), Broccoli at a reasonable price (17 heads), Baby Bok Choi (5 bags), Brussels Sprouts (12-1# bags), Rainbow Carrots (24-2# bags), Peppers and Cucumbers, Zucchini and Sunburst Yellow Squash, Onions and Potatoes, and lots of GREENS and much more!  All Organic (except for citrus), reasonably priced, ONE DAY ONLY!  Fruit, too

ADM SPECIAL BOX- ORG Red Pears and large Avocado, ORG Asparagus, ORG Cucumber and Rubie on the Vine tomatoes and Romaine Lettuce for your salad, and ORG Cauliflower and Leeks for a great soup.  Surprise item, too!  Info Sheet with 3 recipes!   $25

Eat well, stay active, and live long and happy!  The Farmer’s Wife

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