Thursday’s the DAY! Bee Healthy for Healthy Fruits and Veggies–


Group A- Administrator’s Special Box:  Tropical Fruit (Mango and Pineapple) PLUS 4# bag Heirloom Oranges, our own Yukon Gem Potatoes (4#), Taylor Farms ORG Green Beans (washed and ready to go!), the world famous Sierra Blanca Onion (Jumbo and Colossal sized, white and mild), ORG Cucumber and ORG Grape Tomatoes (all the way from Mexico!), and Organic Girl Baby Spinach- 5 oz clamshell–$25 (and a steal at that!)

You may have noted this is different than posted on Saturday–It was an interesting delivery this week from Spokane Produce, and equally interesting here at the farm.  🙂   Apparently there is a banana crisis in the tropical regions and we were limited to 1 case of bananas instead of 2…can’t fill 31 boxes with 17 bundles of bananas.  On a separate note, we ordered 5 cases (38# boxes) of Heirloom Oranges only to receive 50 bags @ 4# each!  So, we subbed the oranges for the bananas; Not quite equivalent cost between bananas and oranges but we got it to balance and we’re able to keep the price the same.  It helps being able to negotiate with yourself on the potatoes and onions.  🙂  AND Speaking of potatoes–The Red Norland’s reminded us that Spring is approaching.  Each potato has an internal time clock, and when it is time to start growing they do.  Red Norland’s are an early potato, so keeping with their characteristics they decided to start growing.  A thing of beauty, but not something you necessarily want to find in your veggie box!  So, we substituted the Yukon Gems, which also want to sprout but are not wrinkled like an old man!  

Couple of new items this week:  

Jicama--we usually order these to give folks a chance to sample.  They are nick-named Mexican Potato, though they are not really a potato, but they do come from Mexico. 🙂  They grow in the ground, and are a type of tuber, more rounded than most ground ‘dwellers’, with a thicker peel.  The texture is like a water chestnut (crunchy) but with a nice sweetness.  I’ve never cooked them, but we just peel and slice to eat as a snack.  They can also be julienned and put into a tossed salad, or grated.  Great Snack– I’ll have one that you can sample.  Let me know YOUR Jicama story!

Red D’Anjou Pears–$2.25/#–Red pears are meant to be eaten crunchier than the yellow or Bartlett pears.  Don’t wait until the stem pulls out–that is not an indicator of ripeness for the red pear!  Consider them more like an apple with a crispness not typical of a Bartlett.  We slice them in half and cut the core out, like an apple.  The Red pear is also a good baking pear.  There is a fun recipe called Pear Pancake–doesn’t resemble a pancake at all, but I think it is named that because you mix up a batter (like pancake) and pour it over the pear halves layered on the bottom of a pie pan.  It bakes in the oven and is delicious–hard recipe to mess up!  We found it on the internet–

Pomegranates–we had these in the boxes last month but now have them to buy!  Hope you enjoyed them in the Administrator’s Special boxes–!  (We loved our sample!)


See you all tomorrow at Bee Healthy–10:00 am to 5:30 pm–The Farmer’s Wife

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