Buyer’s Group A- Administrator’s Special BOX and other NEW things to buy–


This week’s Buyer’s Group Administrator’s Special is Tropical Fruit (Mango, Bananas, Pineapple), our own Red Norland Potatoes (4#) and Candy Onions (Jumbo!), ORG Taylor Farms 12 oz bag READY-TO-EAT Green Beans, ORG Cucumber and ORG pint Grape Tomatoes, and Organic Girl Baby Spinach 5 oz clamshell–$25  (GROUP A)

As usual we will have a WIDE selection of produce for sale, too!  Check out the updated “What Produce at Buyer’s Group” page at .


Some note-worthy items are listed below:

NEW! Jicama (Mexican Potatoes–crunch of water chestnut and sweet), Pomegranates ($2.25 each), our own Cosmic Carrot (Wafer-cut 1# bag) and Purple Potatoes (3# bag), ORG Red D’Anjou Pears (harder than a Bartlett and keeps better), ORG Oyster Mushrooms (creamy texture and cooks up wonderfully!), ORG Mint (for your tea or smoothies…good for tummy!)

NOTE-WORTHY!  Yellow Bell Peppers ($1.50 each!), Lacinato/Black Kale (more tender than the Green and slightly different flavor), ORG Cauliflower is BACK ($4.50 each), more ORG Leeks (great recipe for Cauliflower/Leek soup under recipes).

GREENS–All ORGANIC!  Living Butter Head Lettuce, Romaine, Swiss Chard, and Organic Girl 50/50 Salad…also Organic Girl Baby Spinach…Organic Girl Arugula next week!

Keep us in mind for your FRESH food needs–Come in and shop our THURSDAY Market at Bee Healthy!  Diamond S Delights will be there, too, with their raw milk cheeses and spreads.  Bee Healthy has expanded their stock with unique and local gift items, too! 

The Farmer’s Wife


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