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Buyer’s Group/Walk-in’s Welcome tomorrow (Thursday, January 18th) at Bee Healthy!


Well!  It has been an interesting 24 hours–the truck came in last night at 1:30 (a.m.) in freezing weather and we got to bed after 2:00 this morning–RESTED NOW and ready to go!  Not everything came in as ordered so we are scrambling to regroup–

ADM Specials will have one of four types of salads, all the contents as presented, and NO Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine.  🙁     Cost will be $21 instead of $25 for this week.  The BOXES will be in four different stacks, first come, first serve (sorry can’t reserve ahead):   

Stack A – 5 oz Organic Girl Baby Arugula

Stack B – 5 oz. Organic Girl Butter Lettuce Mix

Stack C – 5 oz. Organic Girl Baby Spinach

Stack D – Taylor Farms Asian Salad Mix– chopped greens, Asian Dressing, and extra crunch!


Will have the full stock of other great veggies and fruit as posted for sale on Sunday and at the ‘What at Buyer’s Group’ page!  Best selection early in the morning!  Couple of cases of those great Heirloom Oranges and 4# bags, too–Lots of other good, nutrition goodies!  See you at 10:00 at Bee Healthy–  The Farmer’s Wife