GROUP A Buyer’s Group- Thursday, January 18th Walk-in’s Welcome, too!


The “What Produce at Buyer’s Group” page has been updated if you are wanting to plan ahead with your groceries (under the Buyer’s Group tab)….REMEMBER…most of our stuff is USDA certified Organic, or organically raised on our farm.  Prices are reasonable, quality is exceptional (or the best we can do in the dead of winter!)–

New items this week are Honeycrisp apples, Turmeric root, White mushrooms, 4# bags of Heirloom Oranges, and Brussels sprouts (12 oz bags)–



Pomegranate, 2-1/2# ORG Honeycrisp and ORG Fuji Apples, 2-3 ORG Garnet or Beauregard Sweet Potatoes (Yams), JUMBO Red Zeppelin Red Onion from our farm, bundle of Broccolini, 1# bag Cosmic Carrots, 2 ORG Zucchini, ORG Cherry Tomato-on-the-vine (12 oz bag), and Organic Girl Butter Lettuce (5 oz)–$25


See you Thursday at Bee Healthy– The Farmer’s Wife

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